Day 2 of 192

It’s another day of the daily decluttering challenge.

I’m still sorting through my cosmetics. I get a lot of lipsticks at Christmas, despite telling people that I would rather buy my own cosmetics. That is something that not just one person buys me, but my Mama, and my Grandma buy me lipstick and other cosmetics, where things just become too much. And sometimes they don’t buy me the right shade. My Mama must have inherited this impulsive shopping habit from her mother. A lot of times they buy things for the sake of these items being inexpensive or on sale.

Although I am happy because I have heard my Grandma say that she wants Christmas to be less commercialized for us, which is fair. She will still get us a present, but it would just money. I am totally fine with that, because holidays have become a bit too commercialized in my family, and I don’t like having a lot of stuff anymore.

Here’s another one of my lipstick that I am departing with.

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