November 2020 Reflections

I forgot yesterday was the last day of the month. With that being said, I forgot to write about what November has taught me. I have learnt a lot from November. I continued making reading a habit, which has helped me read some books from my To Be Read List.

I am currently decluttering and organizing my belongings. I am now very comfortable with removing items from my life. I used to have four containers of stuff from my old room stored at my sister’s house. I now only have one of them left to go through. Which I am planning on going through that next week.

I now focus on getting things done right away, instead of waiting a bit to get those errands done.

The importance of saving up money, instead of splurging on some kind of luxuries that I can live without.

I learned that if I prioritize on what is important, I can get a lot done. I have thought of a lot of cool ideas for upcoming stories.

Going for a walk is not only healthy, but important, too.

All in all, I feel quiet proud of what I have learned about myself in the past month. I can’t wait to see what happens to me next month.

Write in a Journal

In this edition of Feel Good Fridays, I’m hear to talk about the benefits of writing in a journal. If you aren’t much a writer, you can draw a picture, or just jot down some ideas and feelings.

This is a post where I try to encourage us to incorporate small ways to make healthy choices and feel good about ourselves even on what appears to the worst day ever.

Writing in a journal is so simple. It has the power to help calm our minds from racing. You can write out a to-do list, which helps you organize your tasks and shows you which ones to prioritize the important ones, and what needs to be done next. You can write about your goals, and how to make them come true. You can use it to keep your goals on track.

It helps reduce stress, while increasing your creativity as well. It’s your journal, so you can decorate it, however you see fits your style. You can decide when and how often you wish to write in it. You can write every day, or weekly. There are no rules, make your own.

Unimaginable Treasure – Chapter Three

Here it is, the third chapter of my new story. It’s called Unimaginable Treasure. Please know, that I will never judge anyone from holding on certain things. So there’s no need to feel embarrassed about it. We are all humans, and we are doing our best. I am not one to judge or express shame among anyone. Please feel free to provide me with any feedback. I will be posting a chapter every Wednesday. Although I am a bit late with posting this week. I apologize for that I was just thinking about what I should write next. I can’t wait to start writing chapter three of this story. I hope you like it.

For those of you who will like to catch up or just reread the first two chapters of the story, click here,

Chapter Three

After Ben had dropped Sophie off at her house from donating their winter accessories to the homeless people. She walked up to her room, and realized that her room was too cluttered, despite giving away some of her things. She came to the realization that she was just like her Grandma, Mary. She had kept things that she no longer needed to keep. She didn’t need to hold on to three of her Grandma’s tea collection to hold on to her memories of her Grandma. She only needed to keep one set. She decided to keep the rose set, which is the collection her Grandma used whenever she visited her.

Sophie knew that Lisa admired the blue porcelain set, so she figured she would give that to her the next time she saw her. As for the teddy bear collection. She figured a little girl would be able to make memories with her grandma, the same way Sophie has memories of her Grandma.

Sophie later learned that she didn’t need to keep a bunch of Grandma’s belongings to remind herself of Mary. Sophie knew that her Grandma lived in her heart.

She became inspired that she had asked if her parents can help her declutter their whole house. She even called her cousin and asked if they go through their house, donating various items.

She has been encouraging her friends to participate in their school’s donation drive. A few days she had talked it over with her principal, Mr. Johnson, if she can be in charge of the donations. She was planning on giving them to various shelters. Shelters that helped the homeless, men and women who have recently left abusive relationships and didn’t have much of anything since they left in a hurry. Depending on how many people, she would donate some things to thrift and second hand stores.

Mr. Johnson said she could make an announcement on the P.A. system during their morning announcement on Monday. She was so excited that she had began writing her speech.


Meanwhile Lisa is asking her mom if there are any duplicate items in their kitchen. Her mom then joins her with donating some of the things she no longer uses. Lisa’s mom is very proud of Sophie for organizing this event to help others.

Ben is in the garage with his Dad and he is asking if there are any items that they no longer need anymore.

Monday morning rolls around. Sophie is in the principal’s office with her cue cards waiting for her turn to speak during the morning announcements. When it comes her turn, she clears her throat, and grabs the micrphone.

“Hey there, everyone. My name is Sophie and I’m in the twelfth grade. I have decided that this is the perfect time for us to go through our belongings. Carefully examining if we still use these items, if we have duplicates of them, if they genuinely add happiness to our lives. And whatever we no longer use can be brought in to be donated. There will be a few boxes in front of the principal office which is where we will place our donations. You can donate anything to clothes, kitchen ware, books, games, and any hygiene products. I will then organize everything, and send them to various locations such as shelters that will help out homeless people, people who have left abusive relationships and don’t have much. There’s no better time than right now, since the weather is getting colder, and there are so many people that are in need. We can add some cheer to people’s hearts. We will be accepting donations until next Friday. Thank you so much. Have a great day!” Sophie explained, as she handed the microphone back to the principal.

Sophie was very eager to partake in this challenge. She hoped that everyone donated at least 10 items. She figured she would be spend an hour after school with her friends organizing everything. But as long as she was with her friends, she didn’t seem to mind. She also loved the idea of being able to help others. From a young age, Sophie enjoyed helping others.

Thankful Thursdays #21

I feel that this has been a wonderful week, and I am thankful for the events that have happened.

I hope you spend some time, thinking and expressing gratitude for the things that has happened this week.

  1. I have had time to have readathons throughout the week. That is where I have been able to finish some of my books.
  2. I spent the majority of Monday cleaning and tidying my room. Cleaning always helps me feel better, and more relaxed.
  3. Yesterday my boyfriend and I watched a romantic movie together. We watched The Longest Ride, again. I was inspired by writing about it in my blog on Tuesday. It’s such a great movie. It’s one of my favourite Nicholas Sparks movie and book.
  4. I found my favourite chocolate bar in my snack box, I thought I had ate it a few weeks ago. I found it at the perfect time since that was our mini snack for the movie.
  5. Got my inspiration to finish what appears to be a neglected story right now. I felt uninspired to write it. It’s called Unimaginable Treasure. It’s about the importance and benefits of decluttering. So I apologize for those that have been patiently waiting for chapter three. In the meantime, you can catch up, or read it for the first time, here I appreciate any feedback, if you have any. 🙂

November Goals

I really hope this is an amazing month. I want to make myself really proud of what I want to happen in this month. I would like to keep on striving for my goals.

I would like to keep writing and spend more time writing good stories. I know, I have said this before, but one of my biggest goals I have for myself is to write this amazing story, and get published. I am not expecting that to happen this month, but if I keep on practicing, I can make it happen. Big goals take time.

I want to keep on reading many books this month. My goal is to read five books by the time it’s December. If I read more than five, than that would be amazing.

I would like to see if I can eliminate fast food for 30 days. Well, I guess until December 6th, since I had take out earlier. This will be healthy for my health, and my wallet.

Another goal I want to have is be more cautious with spending. My goal is to save more money this month. I know my boyfriend and I are capable are setting aside more money.

What are some of your goals for the month? I would love to hear about them in the comments. 🙂

Writing Another Story

A couple of days after I had finished writing Taxi Driver, for those who are new to my blog, it is a short story that I had written. I learned what I needed to improve on, such as more thorough editing, and learn to be more descriptive with the setting.

With that in mind, I’ll be beginning to focus on my second story. I’ll be writing about the unknown ripple effects of decluttering and how you can become more comfortable with learning to be with less.

I hope that it can encourage others to donate things that you no longer need or use. Especially since it’s starting to get colder where I live. There might be items that you may have forgotten about, and you no longer use anymore. You just never know how much those items will make a complete or a friend so happy.

I really hope that this story might help others declutter, because you can help out so many people and not even realize it.

Fight Right

Whenever you get in an argument with someone dear, instead of bickering and yelling at them, or playing the blame game, perhaps you should try to write them a letter.

When you are writing this letter, be sure to include the following statements, such as, “I feel _______, when you do _______”. And be sure to refrain from my using vulgar language, name calling, or anything else that is negative and uncalled for.

You begin to write about what you are angry, or upset you are, and what caused you to feel these emotions. The person that you are having this disagreement with, is to just sit there waiting for your letter.

Once you have finished writing your letter, you then hand it to the person you are having this disagreement with. If you live together, you can just simply hand it to them. If they don’t live with you, you can safely deliver it yourself, or mail it depending on where they live.

The recipient now can respond to the letter, with what was written to them. They have the same rules where they are not allowed to call you names. They can discuss their feelings to you, and let you know where they are coming from.

Keep on writing until an agreement of how to do things differently, an apology.

The point of this exercise is to be more mindful of what exactly you are thinking. How many times has countless hours of arguing resulted in you saying something uncalled for and unnecessary that made the person you are arguing with feel even worse? This saves you from saying something hurtful, that you will regret later.

And perhaps you and your partner or who ever you are having this disagreement with aren’t the best with words, perhaps you are more artistic. By all means, you can draw a picture instead. And if you aren’t the best at either, perhaps you can find another way to express your feelings in a mindful way.

By finding healthier ways to express your feelings throughout a disagreement, it will save you and your partner a lot of heartache later.

New Story Idea

Hey everyone! I have been thinking about new ideas for an upcoming story. I really like what I have thought of, so here it is. Although it’s still in the early stages, so I don’t have any names, or much development so far.

But my idea is basically about how another person’s trash per se becomes another person’s treasure. It’s going to focus on the benefits of decluttering, and how you may be unaware of the positive effects it has on other people.

I am really excited about to write it. I’m going to brainstorm more ideas this weekend, and hopefully be able to write and publish the first chapter for Wednesday.

Taxi Driver Chapter Seven

Here is the seventh and final chapter of Taxi Driver, in case you are behind or would like to reread the previous chapters again, here is everything Taxi Driver related.

Chapter Seven


Elizabeth decided she was done browsing around the gift shop, until something drew her attention. She knew she had to immediately buy it.

She decided to go back up to see Theodore and Evan. She hopped on the nearest elevator and pressed button four, and waited for the doors to close, suddenly someone had extended their arm in the nick of time. It was a gentleman about her age. He was able to hop on to the elevator as well.

“Good afternoon”, he said as he pressed button five.

“Hi,” Elizabeth said, patiently waiting for the elevator to reach the fourth floor.

“I’m visiting my mom. She had surgery yesterday.” He said, making conversation.

“Nice, I hope she is okay. I’m visiting my father-in-law. Have a great day!” She said, as she waved back, hopping off the elevator.

She then walked down the long hallway, thinking about what she would say to Evan after he had said something so hurtful. Tears began to roll down her cheeks.

Finally, after that long walk to Theodore’s room, she wiped all of her tears before she knocked on the door.

The knock then alerted Theodore, who was lost in thought at the time.

“Come in!” Theodore said, not knowing who it was.

“Hey, I just need to talk to Evan. Alone. If that’s okay?” Elizabeth said.

“Sure. I’ll be right back, Dad.” Evan said squeezing his Dad’s hand before departing the room.

“I heard what you had said to Theodore.” Elizabeth confessed.

“Babe, what are you talking about?” Evan said all confused.

“That you wished you weren’t having a baby!” Elizabeth raised her voice a bit.

“There is something I have been keeping from you.” Evan began.

“Oh, yeah? What’s that?” Elizabeth asked, trying to fight back the tears, again.

“Look, you can’t tell my sisters, and especially not my mother. Promise?” Evan asked.

“Okay, I promise.” Elizabeth said meaningfully.

“My dad was born with this super power, if you will call it that. He has been able to help others deal with their problems.” Evan confessed.

“So, he’s like what? A therapist on the side? Or something?” Elizabeth wondered.

“No, not exactly. Let’s take a walk around the hospital, instead of just standing here. Like when he was driving his cab, he was able to detect what was actually happening in his clients’ lives. Like he met your dad awhile back.” Evan replied.

“What about my dad?”

“Our memories must have gotten altered as we grew up. My dad told me that our dads go way back. He also said that he stopped Deryck from robbing a bank in order to help your grandparents, since they didn’t have a lot of money at the time. He couldn’t find a job, so he resorted to rob a bank. Because my dad stopped him from doing that, they became really good friends, and you and I got to hang out a lot when we were babies and toddlers. In fact our Godparents are now our in-laws.”

“That is really crazy. How come my dad never told me this?”

“Maybe he was embarrassed. But anyway, I’m getting off track now. My dad was able to help out so many people like your father make better choices for themselves. I’m proud of him. He has an amazing legacy. But what he failed to tell me was that…” Evan said, but he paused to clear his throat because his eyes became glossy.

“Let’s sit. You seem really distressed.” Elizabeth said, as they walked over to chairs in the seated area.

“See, this secret power is passed down a father to his son, so my sisters don’t have this ability, like I do. The same thing has happened to me before, I took people to places they didn’t realize they needed to go. It happened countless of times. All this time, I felt like I had to hide this from everyone, but I actually didn’t. My dad knew I had this whole time. My dad was born with this, just like I was. And so was my grandfather.”

“Okay, but I don’t see how this resulted in you saying that you don’t want a baby.” Elizabeth said with sadness.

“See, that’s the thing. There can only be two of us that have this magical power at a time. So, because we are having a son, he will be born with this, which means the world doesn’t need my dad anymore.” Evan said, as he sobbed.

“So, you’re saying that’s how he knew we were having a son? Because he knew he was dying.” Elizabeth asked.

“Yes. I said that if I had knew that us having a baby boy, would result in my dad dying, I would have waited a few more years, or something. Or just adopted, or anything so I could have had more time with him.”

“Honey, listen. I know this must be tough for you, and I somewhat get everything, although this has been a lot to take in. But, just know that your dad did a lot of great things. He has helped many people. He brought us together, which I am really happy. Eventually, we all have to go through those gates, he is just going there before us. With his passing, he will be able to be reunited with all of the other people that have passed before him. It doesn’t mean that we won’t ever see him again. His memory will live on in us. In our baby. So, don’t be sad. Be glad that he was able to live such an amazing life.” Elizabeth said, as she hugged Evan.

Evan released himself from the hug, to sob in his hands.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. His memory will live on. This isn’t the end.” Evan admitted, reaching out and touching Elizabeth’s stomach, and felt him kick.

They both laughed, through their tears.

“Just know that your dad wouldn’t want you hate yourself. He wanted to live out your life to the fullest, just like he had.” Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth’s words really did comfort Evan.

They decided to go back to his dad’s room.

When they had walked in, Elizabeth pulled out her gift from the gift bag. It was a blue onesie that read “My Grandpa loves me” with a big red heart.

Evan and Theodore both smiled.

“Well, Dad, we should getting go, dinner is going to be here soon. We love you so much.” Evan said as they gathered their belongings.

They each gave him a kiss good bye, before departing from the room.

When they got back, they ate dinner, and began getting ready for bed.

Elizabeth had woken up in pain, as she noticed her water just broke.

“Evan! It’s happening!” Elizabeth yelled as she changed her clothes.

Evan took off the sheets so he can eventually clean them. He was feeling really happy, until… the phone rang.

He ran to his phone and answered it.

“Hey, it’s me, Sarah, sorry for calling this hour, but I just got off the phone with one of dad’s doctors.”

“Yeah, bad news I assume?” Evan asked, fully knowing what Sarah was going to say.

“Yeah, they are telling us he doesn’t have a lot of time left. They have sedated him since he has been in a lot of pain.”

“Yeah, I gotta take Elizabeth to the hospital, do you think you can call Olivia?” Evan asked.

“Oh, wow! Is it happening?”

“Yes.” Evan said nervously.

“Well, I gotta call Olivia, so I’ll meet you there. I love you.” Sarah said.

Evan and Elizabeth grabbed their overnight bag, and hurried over to the hospital. They eventually met up with Olivia and Sarah. Their husbands stayed with the children since they were all too young to understand.

Evan and Elizabeth excused themselves because a nurse was escorting them to their delivering room.

“When you have our baby, my Dad will pass away, just like when my parents had me, my grandpa died. I would like to spend the last few hours with my Dad, if that’s okay. I’m so sorry.” Evan confessed.

“Yes, you can do that. I won’t mind. My mom will be here shortly. Tell him I love him, too.” Elizabeth said.

Evan ran to Theodore’s room, where Olivia and Sarah were. Eventually so after that Amelia walks into the room.

The three children all looked sad and hugged their mom.

“Wait, Evan, why are you? Aren’t you supposed to be with Elizabeth?” Sarah asked.

A moment passed before Amelia pieced the puzzle together.

“Elizabeth is having the baby?!” Amelia said with joy and sadness.

“Do you think she would want me there with her?” Olivia offered.

“Her mom is coming, so it’s up to you. She will understand.”

Evan, his sisters and his mom decided to stay with Theodore.

Olivia and Amelia went to the cafeteria to get everyone some tea.

“I’m going to miss him so much.” Sarah said crying.

“Me, too.” Evan said, as him and Sarah held onto Theodore’s hand ever tighter.

They all shared their favourite memories growing up, and how their father shaped them into becoming the best versions of themselves because of him.

Simultaneously, as Theodore left Earth, Evan’s and Elizabeth’s son was born.

They all took some time to mourn him. A priest came by to bless him on his journey to Heaven.

They eventually would say goodbye to him as they took his belongings with them.

“I’m going to check on Elizabeth now, I’ll be right back.” Evan said slowly walking to the nurse’s station to find out which room she was in.

He eventually found his way after getting lost.

“Hey, I’m here.” Evan said walking into the room, looking at his precious son in Elizabeth’s arms.

Evan kissed Elizabeth, and then gave his son a peck on the forehead.

“Meet Eli Theodore Henderson.” Elizabeth said.

“I love it. Thank you for adding my father’s name. That means so much to me.” Evan said as he threw himself onto the chair.

“Well, Theodore will live on in Eli.” Elizabeth said.

“He looks like my dad and myself.” Evan realized, as Elizabeth smiled.

Eventually the ladies stopped by to meet Eli. They were admiring how cute he is.

A few days have passed and they had laid Theodore to rest. It was an emotional day, but they got through because they had each other.

Although the pain and emptiness was too much for Amelia to bear, and she had passed away a few months later. The siblings were able to stay in touch and be apart of each other’s lives throughout the months. The deaths of their parents actually brought them closer, as they learned not to take moments for granted.

April 2082

All of the Henderson family members are doing well. The siblings are all close, and the cousins get along just fine.

They were all celebrating Easter dinner.

“Would you like some wine, Ashley?” Erica asked.

Ashley politely declined.

“There is something we would like to tell you. We are pregnant with a baby boy, and he’ll be here at the end of August!”

“Oh my goodness! I’m going to be an auntie!” Emily exclaimed, jumping up to hug Ashley.

Eli was the first one of the cousins to get married and have a baby. Evan was secretly sad but happy for Eli. He realized that his grandson was the reason why he hasn’t been feeling all that great since the year started.

Elizabeth was too happy to realize why Evan wasn’t as joyful as she was, until the day drew to a close.

Evan made plans and goals for himself that he could do with the remaining four months of his life.

He spent a lot of time with his family. Him and Elizabeth prepared their will, and he donated lots of things.

Evan and Elizabeth spent the summer at a cottage. He picked up the skills of fishing by watching videos and reading books. It was a hot day in July. They really enjoyed their vacation together. They expected it to be their last one.

After a delicious lunch, Elizabeth decided to take a nap, because Evan was going to to the pond and catch some fish.

Evan took all of fishing accessories and rods with him to the pond. He began to set up his station, by organizing his bait.

Suddenly the clouds got darker. Evan didn’t think it was supposed to storm today, but he thought wrong. It began to pour and lightning lit up the sky. And eventually struck him knocking him to the ground.

The loud thunder woken Elizabeth up. Elizabeth realized she had overslept from her nap, and woke up to an empty cottage. She began to panic, calling out for him.

No answer.

She wondered if he was still fishing, although he doesn’t stay out this late.

She put on her shoes and grabbed her phone as she ran out towards the pond.

The ground was drenched from the downpour so she had almost fell a few times.

She then saw Evan’s motionless body. She ran up to him and saw his lightning burn. She quickly called an ambulance. Elizabeth hugged him dearly until the paramedics came.

They placed Evan on the stretcher and loaded him into the ambulance. Elizabeth hopped into the back and held his hand.

They went over his medical history and she had told them that he has been experiencing headaches for the past few months now.

Evan was in a coma, but that never stopped Elizabeth or his family to visit him.

A few weeks and he was still unresponsive. Elizabeth couldn’t let her husband go, so she never let any of the doctors unplug him.

Elizabeth still remembers what happened to Theodore. She was counting down the days until August 19th – Ashley’s due date.

Suddenly in the evening of August 18th, Ashley was feeling severe stomach pain, followed by her water breaking.

Elizabeth stood by Evan’s side, holding his hand, telling him all of their great memories they’ve shared together. She had seen something that she hasn’t seen before.

“Nurse! Somebody please!” Elizabeth hollered as she ran into the hallway begging for someone’s assistance.

Ashley and Eli rushed to the hospital, where she had gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

“What do you think of Eric?” Eli asked.

“Yes! That’s it!” Ashley said giving Eric a kiss.

Meanwhile, the nurse came in and asked Elizabeth what happened.

“He squeezed my hand, and he opened his eyes!” Elizabeth exclaimed as the nurse was examining Evan.

Three Days Later

Eli, Ashley and Eric all stopped by to visit Elizabeth and Evan in Evan’s hospital.

“Hey, Eli” Evan said weakly.

“We would love for you to meet Eric Evan Henderson.” Ashley said handing him to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth had the biggest smile on her face, as she was in awe.

Ashley and Eli eventually left.

Elizabeth was so happy that she still had Evan.

“Honey, you did it! You’ve beat the curse.” Elizabeth exclaimed.

“I guess me getting struck by lightning saved my life.” Evan said, as Elizabeth held his hand.

Taxi Driver Chapter Six

Here is the sixth chapter of Taxi Driver, in case you are behind or would like to reread the previous chapters again, here is everything Taxi Driver related.

Unfortunately, this is the second last chapter. Next week is the final chapter.

Chapter Six

Three Days Later…

It was a brisk Tuesday morning. It continued to snow, like it had throughout the night. Evan had woken up first, so he decided to take a shower before Elizabeth wakes up.

As soon as he had finished getting dressed, he saw Elizabeth slowly opening her eyes.

“Morning, beautiful.” Evan said softly climbing back in bed to give her a kiss on her forehead.

“We should start packing our overnight bag for the hospital. I made a list of what to pack, so we won’t forget anything.” Elizabeth said trying to find the strength to get out of bed.

Evan and Elizabeth began packing what they needed for their hospital stay.

“I can’t believe we’re going to be meeting our baby boy soon.” Evan said excitedly folding the last onesie on the list, and placing it in their bag.

Elizabeth smiled, “You’re telling me. He has gotten so big. I just want to hold him already.” Elizabeth said, giving Evan a quick kiss on the lips.

“Whoops! I should have brushed my teeth.” Elizabeth said with embarrassment, as Evan let out a chuckle.

Evan made them some bacon, toast and eggs while Elizabeth got ready. They were going to one of their ultrasound appointment.

After they ate their breakfast, they cleaned up and drove to the hospital.

Evan and Elizabeth were getting so happy that the day was almost here.

After they saw the doctor they went to visit his Dad just like they promised.

Before they had walked in, they saw a man they haven’t seen before.

“Hey Elizabeth and Evan. I don’t think you have met, but this is one of my friends, Stephen and his two daughters, Heather and Christina. This is my son Evan, and his wife Elizabeth.”

They both waved at Stephen and his daughters.

“It was nice meeting you two. It was a pleasure catching up with you again, Theodore. I was just leaving. I’ll call you later.” Stephen said as he put on Christina’s coat. Each of his daughter held on to one of his hands as they left the room.

“I’ve missed you Elizabeth. How is he doing?” Theodore asked, as Evan moved the chair over closer to Elizabeth so she can sit down.

Elizabeth looked confused because her and Evan didn’t tell anyone the gender.

“He’s doing great. I just want him to be in my arms already. I’m really excited!” Elizabeth said.

“I can’t wait to see him, too.” Theodore said with some hope.

“Well, sorry to do this, but I am getting hungry, I am going to go to the cafeteria for some lunch. I’ll be back afterwards.” Elizabeth said grabbing her purse, and gave Evan a quick peck on the cheek before leaving the room.

“So how’s Stephen?” Evan asked.

“He’s good. His wife Jessica is here, because she had an ultrasound appointment. They’re excited. He just told me they’re having a boy. Jessica is due in May.” Theodore expressed.

“That’s so exciting!” Evan exclaimed.

“How was your appointment?” Theodore wondered.

“It went well. He should be here within the week. I’m so excited but a bit stressed out.” Evan confessed, although he looked at his dad with what appeared was a tear drop falling.

Evan figured his dad was trying to conceal it, so Evan didn’t bother asking why he was crying.

“So, the baby is coming within seven days? That’s exciting. I’m happy for you, two.” Theodore replied.

“Yeah…” Evan began as if he didn’t what to say next.

There was a slight pause of silence. But Evan knew that he needed to get something off of his chest.

Evan sighed.

“Dad, I have to tell you something.” Evan confessed.

“Yes, son?” Theodore asked.

“I have your super power.” Evan replied.

“Oh, yeah? What’s your story?” Theodore questioned.

“Well, I started picking up this one lady. She was really nice. I didn’t write anything down, but I still remember her story. I would pick her up from a school she works at, I took her to her house and various office stores so she can some school and classroom supplies.” Evan began.

“What else happened?” Theodore asked.

“Dad, you of all people should know that you can’t rush a good story!” Evan jokingly snapped at his Dad.

“Of course, continue.” Theodore said.

“The second time I had saw she had told me I looked familiar to her, but I haven’t seen this girl in all my life. So I became a bit confused, but I brushed it off. She must have gotten me confused with someone else. But she was still determined that I looked like someone she knew.” Evan continued, taking a sip out of his tea, and Theodore nodded.

“So, after I saw her three times, I was able to read her. I can tell that she needed to stop by this address. I picked up on the vibe that she had good news to share. She knew that good news is always delivered in person. The GPS typed in this address that I needed to go. To be honest, at first I didn’t recognize it, but it looked familiar. I didn’t realize, until I saw the neighbourhood but it was my childhood house. I totally had forgotten the address since I haven’t thought about it in a long time.” Evan said.

“So, did you figured out why you looked familiar to her?” Theodore asked.

“Yes, I did. As it turned out. She remembered you, and how much you have helped her. I guess you and I look a lot alike.” Evan answered.

“Oh, that makes sense.” Theodore interrupted.

“Dad, I’m telling you a story! So I had driven her to my childhood house, because you and mom still lived there. I had gotten a reading from her, saying she needed to thank you in person.” Evan cleared his throat.

“Yes, I remember her. Her name was Alice. She was the lady I helped get out of that abusive relationship. I remember seeing her that day.” Theodore confessed.

“Yes, she had won some teacher award, wanted to know if you could go with her since without you she wouldn’t be a teacher. She was saying this news was too important for a letter. I stayed in the car, because I didn’t want you to see me.” Evan confessed.

“Oh, why not? I would have been happy to see you!” Theodore added.

“Yes, but I didn’t know how to explain it to you at the time, so I just sat there waiting for you two to finish. She wanted you to attend the award presentation. I can tell she was really proud of herself and you were happy for her.” Evan happily said.

“Yes, I was extremely happy for her. I don’t know if you ever knew this, but she became an grade 10 English teacher. She loved teaching her students To Kill A Mockingbird.” Theodore explained.

“Oh, yeah, that was one of Sarah’s favourite books. I remember when she made me read it, and then she begged me to watch the movie with her. I didn’t think I would like it, but I loved it. I mean, not as much as Sarah did, obviously.” Evan expressed.

“Did Sarah ever tell you that her favourite teacher was Ms. Carter?” Theodore asked.

“Yeah, of course, I knew that. I don’t see how that is relevant.” Evan pondered.

“Well, I didn’t know until I went to the awards, that her last name was Carter. The person that I helped was Alice Carter. At the time when I helped her, I had no idea that she would become my daughter’s favourite teacher. And I also had no idea that she was going to inspire Sarah to become a lawyer because of their passion of To Kill A Mockingbird. She always dreamt of becoming a lawyer just like Atticus.” Theodore explained.

“Wow, that is so cool! I’m so glad you had helped and inspired so many people. You’re amazing!” Evan cheerfully said.

“Son, I have to tell you something.” Theodore confessed.

“Yeah?” Evan said with a bit of confusion wondering what he was going to say.

“I knew that you had this super power.” Theodore admitted.

“What? I have hid this from you for no reason?! Why didn’t you tell me?” Evan said angrily.

“Hey, calm down. Let’s be civil. This was something I wanted you to know.” Theodore explained trying to calm down Evan, which he wasn’t to successful with.

“No, you had no right to do that. I had no idea how to approach this to you. And here, all this time, you knew about it. And you had this secret power, too. You’re just unbelievable right now.” Evan said, as he began pacing the room.

“Look, do you really want to know why I kept this from you?” Theodore asked.

“Yeah, sure. Why not?” Evan expressed, with a deep sigh.

“I kept this from you, because I knew if I have told you this, you would have stopped living your life for me.” Theodore explained.

“What? I don’t understand.” Evan said, sitting in the chair, trying to calm himself down.

“You see, your Grandfather Thomas did the same thing to me. He never told me about this either until he was on his death bed. He told me it wasn’t fair for me to stop living my life.” Theodore said.

“Whoa! Hold up! My Grandfather had this, too?!” Theodore shouted.

“Yes, he did. Something he had told me was that there could only be two of us with this super power at a time. It is carried only in the male’s gene. So when a father has a grandson from his son, it means he will eventually die when the grandson is born. That’s why I knew you were having a boy. I was very healthy before my cancer diagnosis. If I had told you then you wouldn’t have wanted a baby. I couldn’t deprive you of the greatest joys in life which is becoming a father.” Theodore explained, trying to reach out and hold Evan’s hand.

“So, you basically only have one week left?” Evan said sobbing, holding his Dad’s hand.

“Yes, son. That’s it. But I know you are going to be an amazing father.” Theodore confessed.

“Isn’t there anything I can to do help? There’s got to be way!” Evan said.

“No, I’m sorry. It has to end like this.” Theodore expressed.

“I’m not going to let you die!” Evan said in denial.

Theodore sighed.

“Well, yeah, had I known I was basically going to kill you, I wouldn’t have had a baby. I would have picked having my father, than being one myself. I don’t care about what Elizabeth thinks. I wish I wasn’t having a baby.” Evan said with so much anger.

Just as Elizabeth was about to walk in the room, she had heard what Evan was truly feeling about having their baby. She didn’t know what to do, but she began crying. She didn’t know why Evan had suddenly changed his mind about fatherhood.

She waited a few seconds to ensure that Evan didn’t know that she had heard him. She quickly wiped away her tears, as she had entered the room.

“So, what are we talking about?” Elizabeth asked.

Evan slowly got out of his chair and let go of Theodore’s hand.

“Uhm, nothing much. Just came to the realization that Dad’s time is almost gone. The end is coming faster than I realized.” Evan lied, as Elizabeth sat in the chair.

“Yeah, listen, maybe I should go to the gift shop or something. I feel like you two have unfinished business to discuss. I feel like I was interrupting you.” Elizabeth had left faster than she had entered the room.

“That was weird…” Evan said.

“Yes, indeed.” Theodore began. “Look, I’m sorry, son, but keeping this from you was the best thing I could do. Let’s just enjoy what we have left, together.” Theodore confessed.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Evan said, trying to fight the tears.

“Also, not a word about this your mother. I have went on all of this time without her knowing this.” Theodore said.

Evan nodded, and sat down in the chair. He then reached and held on to Theodore’s hand. The snow began to fall, once again.