Let it Snow Latte

It’s another Tuesday which means it’s another edition of Tea Tuesdays. Earlier I had enjoyed Let it Snow in one of my winter mugs. It tastes like eggnog. It has a nice sweet cinnamon flavour with cloves. It is amazing! I love eggnog, and I look forward to it every year.

I love this mug, my boyfriend bought it for me a few years ago.

Day 175 of 192

Hey everyone! I am so happy that I made it to week number 25, item 175! This is truly amazing! I am almost done this challenge. I still have a bit more stuff to do, so I might do another challenge for the new year. I will keep you posted.

Today’s item is my sister’s shirt that I ended up having since it was in my container we quickly packed from our mom’s house. I am going to see if she would like this shirt back. I know she wouldn’t be able to wear it now, but it will come handy in a few months from now, when it is our summer.

Advent Calendar of Kindness 2020 Day 14

I thought of this cool concept that instead of having to go into debt, or stress yourself out buying something for someone, we can simply show them how much we care about by practicing random acts of kindness.

Today’s challenge is do donate unwanted clothes to charity, or you can exchange them with family and friends. This challenge is perfect because where I live, the weather is getting colder, so this will be able to help others brace the cold weather.

Day 167 of 192

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

In my container of things that I am trying to organize and downsize my possessions. I came across an old pair of knee socks. I bought them so long ago that they probably no longer fit me. I am going to give them to my sister, for some reason she loses a lot of her socks. There’s a chance she might appreciate these when she goes on walks and to the park with her daughter.

Day 123 of 192

Hey everyone! I can’t believe there are only ten weeks left of 2020. That is absolutely crazy!

Today I have decided to ask my mom if she wants any of my scarves. She decided she wanted this scarf, and she had told me that most of her coats are black, she thought this scarf will compliment her coats.

I am glad that me departing my items is helping so many people.

Day 121 of 192

This is Wednesday’s item.

I have cleared through my excessive winter gear. I have kept two of everything right now. That way I can wash my gear and not have to worry about not having anything to wear when I need to do my errands.

Unfortunately this beautiful scarf that my mama crocheted didn’t make the cut. But I have worn it several years growing up.

Day 114 of 192

I just started going through my winter accessories. I know I have a lot of it that I no longer use anymore. I am more than happy to donate it to those who are in need.

My mama crocheted this for me, and it’s really pretty, but I have already decided to keep only two scarves for the winter. I’m going to ask mom, my cousin and my sister if they need any scarves for the winter, and if not, then I can donate this to someone in need.