How to clean up from Christmas. Every year we find ourselves all stressed out, in a mess from all of the extra stuff we got. And sometimes, not to sound ungrateful, we don’t need all of these things.

But here are some simple solutions to help you out. Although some of these tips would have been helpful last week. But that’s okay, we can still fix this. And some of these tips help out with every day lives.

These tasks may seem daunting at first, but it really shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes, which is probably the length of your TV show.

Clean Your House as Much as You Can Before Leaving

Whenever you leave the house to go to a family gathering, especially those where you know you will be accepting gifts.

Sort Each Gift Bag

Once you come back from the event, you can bring to go through each bag. Perhaps you have gotten a duplicate, you can always give it back to another person, where you know they would appreciate it, too. Although please don’t give it back to the person who originally got it for you. Or perhaps you don’t like a gift. You can always donate it, too.

Assign a Home For Every Object

Keep like items together. Put books on the bookshelf, or on a coffee table, or a desk, because maybe you want to read it right away.

Sweep and Mop

Once you have finished a good sweep and mop will be a good idea. Or even a vacuum for all of the glitter from the gift bags.


Sit back and relax, reward yourself with a book, or a TV show.

Cleaning Up!

I love cleaning so I spent all day cleaning! First I cleaned up my boyfriend’s brother’s room since we had breakfast in there. We were using his computer desk as a table and we were still sick at the time so I used my disinfectant wipes.

Then I cleaned our room. I dusted and organized a few things that were out of place, swept the floor and then vacuumed the rugs.

After that, I walked around to gather up the dishes and then I organized their cutlery, plates, bowls, cups and mugs, containers, pots and pans. I washed them. I swept the kitchen floor as well as a set of the stair cases.

My boyfriend’s mama called me and thanked me for washing the dishes. I didn’t mind at all. 🙂

Today, I will clean up and organize things into their place. I will also do something that someone will appreciate. 🙂 ❤