Day 27 of 192

So, some exciting news, today was my last day working at my job. Now, it’s off for better things. My daily item for today is my uniform. I couldn’t be more happy for myself!

I have worked through on and off for the past three and a half years. It had good and bad times, but I am happy that I am done. I am grateful for the people I have met, and all of the life lessons I have learned there. But I am also happy that I will never go back there.

Day 16 of 192

Yesterday, I was too tired to go through my things, so here what would have been yesterday’s item.

I originally bought this under shirt for as part of my job uniform. We had to wear a white blouse, so I had bought this, since white is see through. Since I no longer work at this place anymore, and the fact that I have another one of these, it seems like I was easily able to let go of this tank top.