Sharing a Meal

When my boyfriend was in the shower I gathered his lunch and I made us spaghetti before he left for work. He was surprised and happy. I also made us tea.

Later on the day when I came in from my grandparents my boyfriend’s brother invited me to have dinner with them. We had corn on the cob and tostitas.

Tostitas are fried tortillas from oil and we spread sour cream on top with onions.

My boyfriend made kale chips which is to replace potato chips.

Chicken Burger Wrap

IMG_20151203_151426713Last night my boyfriend’s mama gave me some tortillas to take home with me. Good thing because they are delicious!

My sister came over unexpectedly so I prepared this lunch for us.

Whilst the chicken was cooking I spread ranch dressing and chipotle sauce on my sister’s tortillas. I had mayo and chipotle sauce. I sliced two pickles. I would have added more ingredients but it was last minute… But it was still delicious.

Then after the chicken burgers were done I sliced them up and placed them into the torilla with the sliced pickle.

I heated it up in a frying pan for a few minutes.

I wrapped aluminum foil around it since it was hot on the fingers.


My boyfriend’s mama made me this quesadillas. She heated tortillas in a frying pan and then she placed cheese in the centre and folded it length wise so the cheese can melt.

It was delicious. I had something similar to that before.