Day 39 of 192

For the past 39 days I have vowed to remove one item from my life, and I am already starting to feel the difference in my life.

Today since I have finished this tea, and I have a lot of these tins, I decided to recycle this. I have already set aside some to repurpose them into a pens, pencil holder, and another is for my paint brushes. Although I have been waiting for my boyfriend to help with this project.

I am quite happy with all of this progress so far, and I ever look forward for the day to come where I only have the things that spark joy and add value to my life. Although I do have a lot of work ahead of me. Life is a journey so I don’t mind the hard work that lies ahead of me.

Day 20 of 192

I had fallen a bit behind in my daily decluttering, so this would have been from Saturday. I have so many of these tins, I use them to store my loose tea. But over the past few years I have accumulated too many of these tins, so it’s time to purge them.

Tea is my weakness. I love it so matcha.

This used to store a tea called Bear Trap. It is a berry tea that contained strawberries, elderberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. It is quite tart, but it made an amazing iced tea. Unfortunately, they no longer make this tea anymore. So I no longer need to keep it, since there is a label stuck on it.