Cleaning Up!

I love cleaning so I spent all day cleaning! First I cleaned up my boyfriend’s brother’s room since we had breakfast in there. We were using his computer desk as a table and we were still sick at the time so I used my disinfectant wipes.

Then I cleaned our room. I dusted and organized a few things that were out of place, swept the floor and then vacuumed the rugs.

After that, I walked around to gather up the dishes and then I organized their cutlery, plates, bowls, cups and mugs, containers, pots and pans. I washed them. I swept the kitchen floor as well as a set of the stair cases.

My boyfriend’s mama called me and thanked me for washing the dishes. I didn’t mind at all. 🙂

Today, I will clean up and organize things into their place. I will also do something that someone will appreciate. 🙂 ❤