Here is your weekly quote, always remember that the power is always in you, no matter what. You might not have enough energy today, but tomorrow is always a new day, so learn to not be so hard on yourself.

The chapter we are going through in our lives, is different from someone else’s lives, so it is a waste of energy to compare yourself to someone else’s chapter. Focus on you, and keep on thriving for greatness. Never sell yourself short.

Taxi Driver

So I have had quite the busy week, so I haven’t been able to write as much as I had hoped, but you will still get something.

For those who don’t know, I am writing a story of a taxi driver. And the plot of the story is that how the driver doesn’t ask his passengers where they need to go, but takes them where they need to be instead.

The taxi driver is a 36 year old man, named Theodore Henderson. He has been a taxi driver for 17 years now, so he is one of the most experienced taxi driver in the neighbourhood, everyone is always thrilled to have him as their taxi driver.

He has been married to Amelia for the last nine years now. They have three kids, Sarah who is seven years old, Evan who is four years old, and Olivia who is two years old.

They are other characters who are known are secondary characters as well. I am still in the early stages of planning this out. The story is going to feature him driving three passengers, and talk about about their experiences.

I am really excited to begin writing this.