Day 59

This is a lesson from Sunday, which happened to be my boyfriend’s birthday.

We had a fun and relaxing day. I made him breakfast in bed. I also made dinner, too. We had bacon, and fries, and a cup of tea for breakfast. Then for dinner, we had steak, and oven roasted potatoes. Then we just spent the day inside, we didn’t really have much planned. I don’t really like to go out if it isn’t essential. My boyfriend didn’t mind that we didn’t go out. He was more than happy to just stay in.

Sometimes we think we need to make some grand gesture for someone’s birthday. But in fact, it’s the opposite really. We can get by with simplicity. We can have a simple birthday, and it will still be specular. I wrote my boyfriend a letter, and I painted him a picture for his birthday. He really enjoyed and appreciated my efforts to make his day feel special. Sometimes what matters more is your presence, and not your presents.

Today, I look for simple ways to make my days special. I don’t need to spend a lot of money or effort to let someone I love them. It’s often that simple things are more memorable, and meaningful than some kind of extravagant effort.

Day 16

I will learn to dedicate “no dumping zones” to help reduce clutter in my house. Let’s say for instance you love filling up your coffee table, or dining room table with mail, laundry, books, etc. to the point where it just keeps on collecting clutter, to the point the table cannot be used. Once you begin placing clutter on any surface, it begins to attract more clutter. It’s like a magnet.

When you vow to stop clutter from being placed on these spaces, then you might just start appreciating the beauty of simplicity. I love seeing a clear and clean coffee table. It truly is a lovely practice to start.

Since I have gotten rid of a lot of things throughout last year, it’s time to do a bit of rearranging and organizing. Toss, restore and organizing is part of my resolution for January. I am starting to feel quite proud of myself to do engage in this project. It has been really helpful.

Today, I will declare no dumping zones in my house. Instead of simply just dumping items on counter tops, or tables, I will learn to put things in their place.

Day 14

I try my best to write every day about my lessons that I either have learned throughout my day or throughout my life. But yesterday I was quite busy. So here I am!

Yesterday, I was babysitting my niece, and it got me thinking that it is healthy for us, as adults to take naps throughout the day. It is actually healthy to take a break from things, and to refresh throughout the day.

If you feel like you don’t have a lot of time to take a nap, learn to appreciate the power of a twenty minute nap. There are a lot of healthy benefits to taking naps. We can learn a lot of observing the lives of babies and children. We shouldn’t overcomplicate life, instead we should focus on simplicity of life.

Today, I will learn to simplify my life. I will also learn to take a rest, instead of quitting when I am tired.

Day Seventeen

Hi everyone! Today, I look back at all of the memories I’ve shared around a campfire. I am so grateful for those relaxing times. I spent a lot of my summers at my Grandparents’ cottage and they would always have a fire going and we would make hot dogs, and s’mores. I loved the simplicity of a good fire. The crackling sound of the flames, just made things so peaceful. And of course, all of the memories of my Grandparents’ cottage.

Today, we shall be grateful for the memories we have experienced, especially those that brings us simplicity and relaxes us.

Fortune Cookies

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend.

My boyfriend and I ordered Chinese food and my fortune cookies read;

“Now is a good time to finish up old tasks.”

“Rome was not built in a day. Be patient.”

I thought these were good fortune cookies since it is the last day of May and the beginning of June is on its way! I do have a lot of things I would like to finish up so it was really inspiring fortune cookies.

I’m going to make a to-do list and assign a day for each task to ensure that everything gets done.

Be The Change

I was walking to the bank and I read my bank teller’s bracelet and I was inspired what I read which was “Be the Change”.

I told him that his bracelet was inspiring and deep. He smiled and said; “Yeah it is.”

So simple but yet so profound.


When I walked into my friend’s house I absolutely loved it.

Everything had a positive vibe to it. It may have been a little messy but it’s a reminder that not everything is perfect. “Flawed can be more perfect than perfection.”

It was simple but elegant. Everything was beautiful.

It gave me motivation to re-arrange my room and to get rid of stuff that no longer sparks joy.