Day 13 of 192

When I started decluttering my closet, the first clothes that are removed are the ones that no longer fit anymore. It sucks, I know. But if we change our mind set to thinking that someone else would be able to receive joy from my clothes that I no longer wear anymore.

I hate to admit this, but a three years ago, I splurged and had just a tad of a shopping addiction. I loved wearing new clothes. And I kept on telling myself that it was easier to look good, than it was to feel good. So spending money on new blouses, skirts and cardigans did actually make me happy, but now that I look back and realize that I could have been happier without all of these clothes. I barely wear half of those clothes these days.

I bought these leggings during my spree, and they no longer fit me, and that’s okay. I loved wearing these, and now I love the idea that someone else is going to be happy wearing them, too.

Talking to a Stranger

Talking to strangers may not be the wisest choice but if you approach them with a conversation they can provide you with a lot of wisdom. Although you should be cautious when speaking to people you do not know.

My mama took me shopping today and I picked up two dresses from the racks and then walked to the changing room area. I showcased them to mama and as I did a woman nearby really admired my dress. She told me that the dress I tried on was beautiful.

She wanted to try this dress on but in a different size. I tried to remember where I found it since I went around all of those racks. Unfortunately we weren’t able to find it but I did help her select a dress.

As I was leaving to the checkout I saw her try on her dress and I told that it was a nice dress and that she should get it.

Today, I will talk to someone to gain knowledge and to help others out. But I will also remember to use caution when talking to them.