Day 184 of 192

I was so happy when I found this shirt again, because I haven’t seen it in awhile. Since I used to wear it in high school, it no longer fits me.

I loved that it had the different animal print over each word, and I love these words a lot.

Day 183 of 192

The last nine days of the year! I cannot believe that we’re almost at the end of 2020. I really hope things improve next year.

This is today’s item. I have had this shirt for a little while now, and if you look closely you can see that it still has the tag on it. It’s time for me to part with this shirt. It looks like a really great shirt, but alas, it just isn’t for me. I’m sure my Grandma will know someone who would like it.

Day 31 of 192

I have a lot of clothes that needs to get sorted through, so I can keep the ones that actually make me happy. I don’t want to waste any space on something that doesn’t bring me happiness. And not just happiness, I noticed that I have clothes that no longer fit me anymore. I have clothes that I bought a long time ago, and I have grew so some shirts no longer cover my torso anymore.

This shirt is a prime example of what no longer fits me.

Day 17 of 192

Here is today’s item that I will be giving away. I used to love this shirt, but unfortunately it no longer sparks much joy.

I had a lot of good memories while I was wearing it, but now it’s time for it to venture off into someone else’s life.