No Expectations

“Expectations are the roots to heartache.”

I have learnt from several of people that having expectations is what causes heartache. I have a tendency to expect things from people but I only end up disappointed.

When I look at people I see their potential and whenever they don’t meet their potential that’s when I become upset time after time.

One of my former best friends repeated to himself “No expectations. Neither good nor bad.”

Today, I will not have expectations for things or people neither good nor bad.



Today whilst I was reading my Al-Anon book I became inspired.

“Here’s an eye-opening, mind-opening question to ask myself: What am I doing with what I’ve got? Instead of crying over what I don’t have and wishing my life were different, what I am I doing with what I’ve got?

This made me think that I am not everything I can be and that I am not using everything that I have. From this moment on I will use everything that I have to ensure that I am living to my fullest potential.