Day 43

Learn the importance of saving up money, especially during these times of uncertainty. My boyfriend and I have cut down on a lot of expenses already. For example, we no longer eat any take-out, even though it’s nice to get a delivery — no cooking, and no dishes. But it has been fun to make our own food. We have decided that it is good when we don’t get any take-out, or buy much of anything for our selves, like new books, or tea, or anything else.

This way, we know that we have enough money to pay for our bills, and debts. It is a great feeling to cut back on these expenses. We are also trying to save up for the future. It is fun to think about what we can do with the money we are saving up. Some time we would love to get away for a week, or two. We would love to travel to Bali, and Italy. Although because I never been on an air plane before, I would like to start by travelling to Europe first since it’s similar to where I currently live right now, and it’s a shorter flight compared to Bali. I wouldn’t want my first plane ride to be long and stressful.

We love fantasizing what we would like to do with the money, but for now we are just building our savings. We aren’t going to be travelling until it seems safer for us to do. But for now, it feels good knowing that there is extra money in our accounts, just in case anything happens.

Today, I will try my best to cut back on one expenses, so I can build and work on saving money for my future. Having money saved up, will me feel more relaxed with the uncertainty of the future.

Day Four

It is important to be thankful for waking up today. The universe gave you another day of opportunities — don’t let it go to waste.

It’s the universe’s way of saying your story isn’t over. Make more memories, seize those opportunities and always be grateful for another day.

Unfortunately, there are many people around the world, who weren’t lucky enough to experience today on Earth with us. Please don’t waste today by dwelling on your life and what to do next. My Grandpa always says; “Time waits for no one.” Go out and live your life.

Feel free to write about your plans for today in the comments.

Making A List

Before my boyfriend and I went shopping, I made a list of everything that we needed. Although we didn’t exactly follow through with that because we bought more stuff than we originally planned.

I’m not one for waiting for the week before Christmas to finish my shopping I like to plan ahead and complete everything by Thanksgiving. That way I have more money around this time of year and I don’t have to cramped in a store with a lot of people.

It also helps me budget better too.

Today, I will plan ahead and make a list to help me prepare for my future.