Since today is Saturday it’s pizza night with my boyfriend!

And today we had pineapple, green peppers, Brooklyn pepperoni with feta cheese. It was amazing!

Hawaiian Pizza With A Twist

I was at my boyfriend’s and we were going to have soup but I don’t like tomatoes and the soup was made with this tomato paste so we had to get something else. We ordered a pizza instead.

We had double cheese, pineapple, Brooklyn pepperoni with green peppers. Absolutely amazing!! I loved it. 🙂 ❤

Hawaiian Pizza

I absolutely love pizza. Pineapple is my favourite topping.

My boyfriend and I ordered a Hawaiian pizza that had pineapple and bacon crumble on it. Anything pineapple is delicious! 🙂


One of my coworkers, (I have to ask her if she likes my code name for her – I use code names when I write my blogs about people to keep their identity anonymous) offered me a slice of pizza. I agreed and she told me she made it.

It was a little spicy but I didn’t mind. It was so delicious!

She added pineapples, green peppers, onions and mushrooms.

I had when I finished work, which was perfect because I was hungry.

Hawaiian Pizza

My boyfriend knows how to cook. He hasn’t cooked for me yet but he will. He had Hawaiian pizza this time. We decided to have a lazy Sunday.

This pizza contained pineapple, pepperoni and bacon bits as well as cheese and sauce. It was quite good. Pineapple is my favourite pizza topping.

Build Your Pizza

I went to my sister and her boyfriend’s house and for dinner we made a Build-Your-Own-Pizza.

We bought pita wraps and then we added sauce, cheese, pepperoni, green and red peppers, onions, pineapple slices and olives. Then placed it in the oven for a few minutes.

It was superb! 🙂

Pizza And Bread

This isn’t new for me but it’s new for my boyfriend.

Anyway,I was at his place and since it was raining and we didn’t feel like cooking so we ordered in. We had pizza – pineapple, pepperoni and green peppers. My favourite pizza ever! And of course we had bread – cheese bread with Mariana sauce. It was scrumptious as always. 🙂