Day 161 of 192

Today marks my 23rd week of this journey. I am so proud of myself for going through my stuff (finally). It’s been long overdue, but I want to have less going into 2021, and I want to be able to help others, too.

I hope that I have encouraged a few people to let go of some of their items they no longer want to use. It is such an important time that we give back to our community.

I haven’t used this pillow in a few years, that I actually thought I forgot about. I already have a pillow that my boyfriend had bought us. I’m probably just going to give this to my Grandma. I’m sure she can find a purpose for it.

Unfortunately, and I am embarrassed to showcase it, but it is quite old and dirty, so I’m just going to refrain from sharing a photo of it.

Doing Something Special

I always love showing people that I care about them. My favourite person is boyfriend. Whenever I come up for breakfast, he would leave for work before I do so I get to make the bed and write him a note. I place it on his pillow but this time I hid it in his sweater pocket.

I’m surprised how fast he found his note. It was after I gave him a hint of course. He loves my notes and carefully stores them in his notebook. I love that he loves my letters.

Today I will do something small things for someone I care about. For it is the small things that take up the big spots in your heart. ❤

One Thing – I Care

Before my boyfriend and I went to work I went over to my boyfriend’s for tea and breakfast. He made us pancakes whilst I sliced the strawberries.

It was a joyous breakfast. Since I left after him I made the bed and wrote him a note like I always do. Although this time I forgot to bring my paper so I had to ask his little sister for paper. Thankfully she had one.

I left my favourite pen (but I have multiples) there from whenever…

I always place his letter on his pillow. I’m so cute. 🙂 ❤