Day 138 of 192

I realized that I have too many pants, so I figured it would be better if I donated a few of them. I feel really proud of myself for being able to do this.

Day 133 of 192

This is Monday’s item.

I was going through my pajamas and I came to the realization that I have kept a bunch of stuff that I no longer use, or things that no longer fit anymore.

It is really freeing to let things go. I am extremely proud of myself. I have kept my belongings in different houses. I have things at my sister’s house. These are items that used to be in my room when I lived with my mom. I have a few things at my Grandparents’ house, such as Barbie accessories. She was giving them away to her neighbours, and friends. My boyfriend and I have some of our future things that we are saving for our first official place, such as pots, and pans, other kitchen accessories at his mom’s house. I am trying to remove items from other peoples’ homes. I would feel much more comfortable with having my items in my home.

I am finally going through the containers of stuff that I have at my sister’s house. It is such an amazing feeling knowing that I have less things at my sister’s house. I have found a bunch of things I don’t use anymore. I am free from these items.

I came across these pajamas pants that no longer fit me. But I will pass these on to my Grandma, and she will know someone who can benefit from these pants.

Day 119 of 192

This is Monday’s item.

It’s hard to believe that I am entering my 17th week of my decluttering mission. I am very proud of myself, and I am also proud of you who are going through your own decluttering missions.

I would love to hear any of your comments and feedbacks of the changes you have been going through.

As much as I hate to admit this now, but these used to be my favourite pants. My Dad bought me this for Christmas several years ago. Although I grew taller since then, so I no longer fit in these anymore. They were really cozy, but I have other cozier and more neutral coloured pants now.

When I was in high school, pink used to be my favourite colour, but now my favourite colour is yellow.