Day 149 of 193

I have a lot of lip balms I no longer use, mostly because of how old these are. When you are starting your decluttering mission, it is best to start with items that you won’t miss, like expired make up, medication, etc.

Then once you have gained the strength and confidence, you can start tackling items that hold a bit more value to you, like clothes.

Whenever you start a big, new task, it’s always best to start small, and to always celebrate your accomplishments along the way.

Day 117 of 193

This is Saturday’s item.

When I was going through my possessions, I found some of my old lip balms. I have no idea as to why I have kept these. I probably had these for seven years, maybe even longer.

But the best thing about starting with stuff like expired items, whether it’s medication, make up or anything else. It is easy for us to discard these items. When we start with these items, we are building the strength and confidence for the harder items.

If you like to start your own decluttering journey, start with these items, and allow yourself to build up confidence. Remember you don’t have to purge your life in one day, always start small and keep on moving forward.

Even if you remove a few items from your life, you will be able to notice the benefits of living with less.

Why We Should Make Resolutions in October

I’m not sure how many of you make New Year’s Resolutions, but if you do, here’s an interesting approach.

I think the perfect time to make New Year’s Resolutions is October, think about, you are starting a second month of changes. Perhaps you are a parent and you have children that attend school. You might not have had a perfect month of smooth sailing, because perhaps the children weren’t ready to go back to school from their summer vacation. But now that they have a month of getting into the swing of things, they are able to make improvements.

Another reason why October is the perfect month to start resolutions, is that sometimes January is too daunting, or too much pressure to start anything new. Most people believe that starting to make changes in January, becomes too pressurized. It’s almost like the time where you buy yourself this cool journal, and you are too nervous to use it because you are scared to make a mistake in it.

Another reason why October is the perfect time to make resolutions is that more likely, whichever country you are in, you are in the transition of welcoming another season. I’m not sure, but a lot of people do seasonally chores, so your house is already freshened up, so will you. The end of the previous season is the beginning of a new season.

These are my reasons as to why I think October is the ideal time to make resolutions instead of waiting until January.

I would love to hear from you! If you make any resolutions, what do you normally like to change? And did I convince you to make New Year’s Resolutions in October?

August Preview

This month will be about resetting, and building better habits. I will be discussing routines, how to organize and declutter your house, just to name a few.

I will be keeping everything else the same, such as Music Mondays, Tea Tuesdays, Writing Wednesdays, WWW Wednesdays, Thankful Thursdays, Eckhart Tolle Fridays, and my Daily Decluttering. And now I will be releasing Financial Fridays. Which I am super thrilled to launch.

I am really excited for August because then I will be able to have more of a routine of things. I want to start exercising, practicing yoga and meditating on a daily basis instead of just doing it to relieve stress. So I will be sharing my tips with how to break old habits to make new ones. I will talk about making stronger financial decisions.

I am also planning on writing more stories, and connecting with everyone on a personal basis by commenting on people’s posts. If you have anything you want to ask me or want to reach out to me more privately, you can email me anytime at I will personally reply to your email.

Let’s reset our health and our finances together. May this be the month we all become the best versions of ourselves. And may we also come together.

July Wrap Up

I cannot believe how fast July has came and went. I am thankful for all of the things that I have learned throughout this month. I have learnt to always believe in myself, save money, and being comfortable with having less things.

I have recently quit my full time job to pursue a career in blogging. That was a huge leap of faith for me. I have never quit a job without having a steady job lined up. At the same time I felt like it was best for me to move on. I was at my last time on and off for the past three and half years now. I am so happy to no longer be there anymore. I feel like I was made to be my own boss.

I have working on a budget so we can save more money. I have a long list of goals. My boyfriend and I have been working on a budget together. It has been a lot of fun planning and discussing on ways to save more money.

In case you are new to my blog, I have been starting this new journey about decluttering and going through my things so I only have belongings that truly make me happy. I have been purging my things on and off for the past six years or so. This has been a fun journey, and I have been comfortable living and owning less things.

I am quite happy with all of the things I have learned and I can’t wait for all of the new adventures that August will bring me.

Your Choice

Another Friday means it’s another Eckhart Tolle Friday.

“Whatever the present present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.”

-Eckhart Tolle

Some times, life throws an obstacle, or maybe more obstacles your way. But the thing you have to look at it, is that not everything that is happening to you is going to bad. When things are bad, they often are overlooked, and actually turn into something good. Take your bad days and experiences and think of it as a flower about to be planted. And that all of your dark times, are actually from the soil pouring over you, because you are about to be planted, waiting to blossom into something beautiful.

So, whatever is happening to you, you have to accept it as if it something you would have wanted for yourself. Never allow a bad experience spoil your day. Please know that things will get better and easier over time. A piece of art takes time to unfold into a masterpiece.

Don’t let yourself dwell in sadness and allow yourself to get frustrated with whatever situation you are in. When things get tough, remind yourself to accept this as something you would have wanted to happen. Honestly, you can’t have a rainbow without a storm. So use this lesson to remind yourself that things will get better.

Day 33 of 193

I feel so proud of myself for making all of these changes in my life. It might not seem like much, but big changes begin with baby steps.

I decided to depart with this tank top because I used to wear this a lot to my old job, and it’s pretty old that it’s starting to rip. I figured that maybe someone else can repair it. I rather not be reminded of working at this place, anyway.

Day 28 of 193

Hi everyone!

In case you haven’t heard the news I have left my job, to pursue my own dreams.

Today’s decluttering item is my work place name tag. I am quite excited to start my own journey and being my own boss. I am thankful for this opportunity. It is an absolutely freeing feeling.

I also love my decluttering mission. It has been amazing so far. I can’t wait to make even more process.

O For Onward

I am honestly over the moon happy that today was the last day of my job. I am now off to do better things in my life. I couldn’t be happier with myself.

For those who don’t know, I worked at a coffee shop, on and off for the last three and half years. And now I am off to new adventures.

I plan on taking more time for myself since I have learned the importance of self care. I have worked through bronchitis, laryngitis, the common cold (multiple times), ear infections, etc.. I didn’t call in, even though I knew I should have, but I was too much of a team player to call in otherwise. But having to work through all of that, made me realize that it is important to put myself first. Because if I don’t, who will?

It also taught me that I should focus one thing at a time. Don’t overthink things, but instead simplify things when I can. I also learned to deal with things as they happen. I learned this skill because whenever we emptied a pot of coffee, I would rinse it out right away, and begin to brew more. Having that skill at work, allowed me to think like that in my life, as well. Where I shouldn’t postpone things, but to deal with them right away. Don’t put off what you can do now.

I have met some really cool people along the way. I was also a trainer, so I had close interaction with the new trainees. That taught me how to lead and provide others with guidance and to believe in themselves. I thought I was a good trainer because I am very patient and a friendly person. I am thankful for gaining more leadership skills. Because I am still thinking about pursuing a career in managerial accounting, perhaps, later on in my life. Having experienced those shifts as a leader, it made me realize that I can be a leader.

I am looking forward to having more time to myself. I plan on going on more walks, and reading outside. I can catch up on my books and TV shows. I am so excited! I am also excited about not being tied down to anyone’s schedules, but for the one I make for myself.

I am so happy to have this opportunity for myself. I cannot wait to start living my best life. I hope all of my followers will share this journey with me. O for Onward.