Thankful Thursdays #21

I feel that this has been a wonderful week, and I am thankful for the events that have happened.

I hope you spend some time, thinking and expressing gratitude for the things that has happened this week.

  1. I have had time to have readathons throughout the week. That is where I have been able to finish some of my books.
  2. I spent the majority of Monday cleaning and tidying my room. Cleaning always helps me feel better, and more relaxed.
  3. Yesterday my boyfriend and I watched a romantic movie together. We watched The Longest Ride, again. I was inspired by writing about it in my blog on Tuesday. It’s such a great movie. It’s one of my favourite Nicholas Sparks movie and book.
  4. I found my favourite chocolate bar in my snack box, I thought I had ate it a few weeks ago. I found it at the perfect time since that was our mini snack for the movie.
  5. Got my inspiration to finish what appears to be a neglected story right now. I felt uninspired to write it. It’s called Unimaginable Treasure. It’s about the importance and benefits of decluttering. So I apologize for those that have been patiently waiting for chapter three. In the meantime, you can catch up, or read it for the first time, here I appreciate any feedback, if you have any. 🙂

Goodreads Mondays #4 – November 9th, 2020

This post is where I write about a book that is on our To Be Read List (TBR) List, and we discuss why we want to read it.

I have a lot of books on my TBR List. I am trying to make more time to read more books, so I can cross more books off of the list.

This week I would love to read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. I have never read this book, but I have heard many great things about these books. I like to read the books before I watch the movie, so I haven’t see the movie, yet either.

One of a wealthy family member has disappeared over forty years ago, and and one of her uncles begins to seek answers on the disappearance. It covers many genres such as mystery, romance, finance, and family drama. It definitely sounds like it has something for everyone.

I cannot wait to read this book! What is one book on your TBR list? I would love to know.

Goodreads Monday #1 (10/19/2020)

Goodreads Monday is a weekly meme that was started by Lauren’s Page Turners. It is fairly simple to write about. You pick one of the books on your To Be Read List and explain why you want to read it.

I would love to read Gone Girl I watched this movie with my mama several years ago, and I loved it. When the movie started, it says that it was based on the novel, with the same title, and how the author Gillian Flynn, and how she is also responsible for the screen play writing as well. So I really liked how involved she was with the movie.

It’s a mystery and thriller kind of book. Even time I have seen the movie, it makes me what to read the book. Normally I am always read the book, watch the movie. But my mom really wanted to watch this movie, so I didn’t have time to read it beforehand.

I have always been interested to compare it to the movie. It’s the perfect season to read thrillers with it being Spooktober in all. I placed a hold at my library, so I will be able to read it very shortly. I am so excited!

What is one book on your To Be Read List, that you would like to read?

Mad Hatter Day

Today is October the 6th, which is Mad Hatter Day. This comes from the numbers on his hat 10/6 which translates into October the 6th. Today, I am going to use my Cheshire the Cat mug and make myself another Movie Night latte, so I can watch Alice in Wonderland to celebrate this day. 🙂

Who is your favourite from Alice in Wonderland? Mine are Alice and Mad Hatter.

Credits: Google Search

Expressing Gratitude

Yesterday Miss Penguin Girl came up to me asking me if I would be willing to take her shift. I already made plans to see my dad and my grandparents but I figured I could always reschedule with them for another day.

Then today when I went to work I saw that she bought me a gift like she said she would. She bought me Nicholas Sparks’ The Longest Ride I saw the movie and I absolutely admired it. It’s by far my favourite Sparks’ movie. And she even bought a few giraffe things as well as this Name A Star Gift Box. Although I haven’t opened it yet.

Today I will learn to express my gratitude. It doesn’t have to be something bought but as long as your gratitude is genuine that is what matters.