Day 56

This lesson is from Thursday.

On Wednesday night, I went over to my mom’s for dinner. And she also invited her parents, too. We had a lovely time. I haven’t seen them in awhile with the whole lockdown and such. It was nice to share a meal with them. I helped my mom make the dinner, we had a roast beef, with corn and oven roasted potatoes. My mom and I hung out a bit before we had dinner. We went for a walk in her neighbourhood. That was fun.

It is important to spend time with family. As we’re growing up, and having fun, it’s easy to forget that they’re getting old. I know that some family members might live in different areas of the world, and can’t travel to go see them. Perhaps you can have a virtual dinner (if it works for the time zones you live in), or write them letters instead. Or send each other videos via email, or other social media platforms. The point is some times we don’t make time for our family, as often as we should.

Today, I will make more time to see or socialize with my family some way or another. Family is more valuable than we think it is. It is necessary to make time for family members. Family may be all that we have, so it is good for us to enjoy everything about them. When they pass on, we always wish to see them one more time.

Day 29

Because my Grandparents were getting tired and a bit overwhelmed with the packing, and loading, we had decided to ask my cousin if she wanted to help us for the day. She had got back saying that she had her stuff to do, so she wasn’t able to help us.

I guess I was reminded that you can’t really force someone to help you, no matter how much you would have liked them to help you. Yeah, sure I was disappointed that my cousin didn’t want to help us, but my Grandparents and I were able to help my mom move her things.

Today, I will not force anyone to do anything that they don’t have time for, or just aren’t able to help with. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love us, they still do, I know it. Sometimes people just say “no” for various reasons, and it usually isn’t a reflection of how they feel towards us.

Hot Chocolate With Steamed Milk

I will be posting an actual tea tomorrow. A lot of the tea I have right now, are iced teas, and I’m a bit too cold for that right now.

Although I made this a bit differently I used a hazelnut flavoured coffee creamer mixed with milk. It was delicious! I remember coming home from school, and my mom would make me hot chocolate, and she would add her hazelnut coffee creamer to it, to make it creamy. It would always be delicious.

This is my absolute favourite winter mug ever!

Day Eight

Today I was reminded of an important lesson, to take things one thing, and one day at a day. It is easy to feel overwhelm by things. I feel a bit behind with my blog posts. But what I like to do, is to prioritize the next thing that needs to be done, and solely focus on that task at hand. Then once that is done, you can take a small break, or save it until after the next task.

It’s important to realize that you shouldn’t have to overwhelm yourself. Instead take a different approach, and single task things, by taking one thing at a time.

I used to be like my mom and multi-tasked a lot because I saw that she would always do that. But now, I am happy that I only single task things. I feel so much better. I am able to think more clearly. I have been trying to convince my mom to practice this trait, but she hasn’t gotten on board yet.

Today, I will learn to take things slowly, and try to focus on one task at a time. I know that there are only 24 hours in a day, and I should only focus on those 24 hours. Learn to take things one day, and don’t let tomorrow’s stresses ruin your today.

Day Seven

This is from Thursday (yesterday).

Never be afraid to ask for help, and never be afraid to give help to others. My Mama had asked me if I could help her pack for her move. I was happy to help. I made some beef soup for dinner, and I made it in my crock pot. I knew that when she dropped me off back at home that the soup would be finished. I was able to give her some soup. My mama enjoyed the soup.

I love helping people. I have helped out a lot of my family throughout the week, I baby say my niece the other day, so my sister can pick up a shift at work. And then I started helping mom with her packing. It was fun to spend some time with her, since we haven’t since the whole pandemic.

I sometimes feel bad asking others for help, because I know how busy my family is, and some family members I talk to, live far away. So, I mostly just ask for advice, or we just talk. But that’s okay. If I need any help, I normally just ask my boyfriend.

Today, I will not be afraid to ask for help, nor will I be afraid to give help to others. It is a freeing and powerful feeling to be able to help others.

Day 148 of 192

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a great start to their week so far.

Today’s item is a pair of scissors. One of my biggest pet peeves I had when I had living with my mother, was that she wouldn’t put things back in their place when she was done using them.

So, a commonly used item, like scissors, were misplaced a lot. So much so, that I had to go out and buy a pair. To me, there should be a pair of scissors that stays strictly in the kitchen, which is to be used to opening packages. And I liked having a pair of scissors of my crafts, and my mom needed a pair of scissors for her crafts, too. I believed in having separate pair of scissors because I didn’t want my craft scissors to touch my food packages. That’s probably just me, though.

At one point we would have extra pairs of scissors, because we would find the ones mama misplaced. Which is why I no longer need these scissors. They are extremely dirty anyway.

Day 121 of 192

This is Wednesday’s item.

I have cleared through my excessive winter gear. I have kept two of everything right now. That way I can wash my gear and not have to worry about not having anything to wear when I need to do my errands.

Unfortunately this beautiful scarf that my mama crocheted didn’t make the cut. But I have worn it several years growing up.

Day 41 of 192

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well.

Right now I am thinking on how I would like this week to unfold and how I can move towards accomplishing my goals.

Earlier today, I was looking at what I can donate. I came across this leggings. They still have the tag on them since I haven’t worn them yet. I feel bad because my mama had bought these as a gift. These pants just seem too wild for me. I prefer clothes that are simple. So I’m just planning on donating to someone who would appreciate this more than I do.

Day 2 of 192

It’s another day of the daily decluttering challenge.

I’m still sorting through my cosmetics. I get a lot of lipsticks at Christmas, despite telling people that I would rather buy my own cosmetics. That is something that not just one person buys me, but my Mama, and my Grandma buy me lipstick and other cosmetics, where things just become too much. And sometimes they don’t buy me the right shade. My Mama must have inherited this impulsive shopping habit from her mother. A lot of times they buy things for the sake of these items being inexpensive or on sale.

Although I am happy because I have heard my Grandma say that she wants Christmas to be less commercialized for us, which is fair. She will still get us a present, but it would just money. I am totally fine with that, because holidays have become a bit too commercialized in my family, and I don’t like having a lot of stuff anymore.

Here’s another one of my lipstick that I am departing with.