Taking A Walk

After having lunch with my boyfriend we went for a walk.

It was a chilly but it was still enjoyable. 🙂 ❤

Today, I will do something to relieve stress in a healthy manner.

California Sushi Roll

I’ve tried this before and then I had it again with my boyfriend last week. I loved it so much that I had today with my Dad!

The order comes with six pieces so we split – but not equally because my Dad somehow doesn’t like it.

I didn’t tell him what was in it because I knew he would never try it. He did and didn’t like it. Oh well, more for me! 😛

Like A Butterfly

I had a very fun and sociable day. I had breakfast with my amazing boyfriend. We had cinnamon raisin bagels with green tea which was supposed to start us off on the right foot.

After I relaxed for a bit I washed the dishes from last night dinner’s, we were too tired to clean up afterwards. Anyway then his brother came downstairs and we had lunch together. Then I finished up with the dishes and I tidied my boyfriend’s room well our room.

Although this wasn’t very sociable but I ended up falling asleep whilst I was watching a movie. I did a lot of things yesterday that just wiped me out.

I hung out with his brother, their mama, his sister and her boyfriend until my mama came and picked me up.

My sister was with her and we went grocery shopping and made a chicken stir fry. It was good.

Today, I will take time to catch up with others and embrace the positive energy. It is good to keep someone company.

Bourbon Chicken Caesar Salad

My sister and I hung out today. We had lunch with our mama and then we went clothes shopping. It was a good day.

For lunch she bought us this dish called bourbon chicken Caesar salad. The chicken was coated with this bourbon sauce topped on a Caesar salad. It was great!


My boyfriend and I hung out with his friend when I finish work. We had lunch together. It was nice although I am slow eater so I felt bad for his friend for waiting for me. I didn’t feel as bad for my boyfriend because I’m sure he’s used to it now.

Then when I went to my boyfriend’s house he surprised me with yellow calla lilies. Which two fun facts despite being called a lily they aren’t actually lilies and the word calla comes from the Greek term for beautiful.

Today I will show my appreciation for someone else’s efforts.

One Thing – Eating Healthier

As of lately I haven’t been eating healthy as I should. Some days I try more than others. But today I ate granola cereal and then for lunch I had a chicken burger because my boyfriend didn’t tell me the supper menu but that’s alright. For dinner I had Mexican rice with a chicken patty. It was superb.

Although mind you the second chicken patty I had wasn’t as healthy as my lunch one since I spread mayo all of it…

But it’s a step.

Pasta Noodles

I was at my boyfriend’s house for lunch and we had pasta noodles with olive oil and Parmesan cheese. I added some garlic powder but I didn’t realize how fast it comes out so mine was garlic-y but it was still delicious.

This pasta dish turned out much better than our other attempt of the pasta and pumpkin sauce.

Chipotle Chicken

My ma and sister all made ourselves a sandwich and we added a few slices of chipotle chicken breast to our sandwiches it was quite tasty. 🙂

I love that I get to see my sister every once in awhile. 🙂 ❤

Enjoy Your Company

Today I went to my great aunt’s house for lunch. It was a joyous day.

I neglected my phone for the entire day. Mostly because I wanted to enjoy people’s company and because my dress doesn’t have pockets so then I would get stuck carrying it.

I even listened more than I talked.

Today, I will stay in the now and to not let distractions overwhelm me.