Day 115 of 193

I found a bunch of different pieces of jewelry, but now that I am older I have a different sense of style. I have already made up my mind of what I like to wear. These pieces of jewelry are almost 20 years old. It seems to me, this is the perfect time to let these things go.

I am thankful of the memories I have had while I wore these, but it’s just time to move on.

Day 111 of 193

This is Sunday’s item.

My mom gave me this because she didn’t want anymore. She used it to hold some of her jewelry in. But since I have a jewelry box now, this is no longer necessary to me anymore.

It served its purpose for many years, but now I no longer need it.

Day 103 of 193

I found a bunch of old, and probably dirty jewelry which are all tangled up anyway.

I have other valuable jewelry than this. And I haven’t worn these in nearly 20 years, so I am better off without these things.

Despite that my Grandparents have bought me a good potion of these pieces of jewelry. I have learned that our memories aren’t in the things we keep, they are in our heart.

Day 102 of 193

Hey everyone! I am feeling a bit fatigue at the moment, so I am just hoping on for this one post. And I am going to spend some time putting away my summer clothes and pull out my Autumn and winter clothes. As well as declutter a few things, maybe that would help me feel better.

I will definitely be posting more tomorrow.

Today’s item that I am donating is this jewelry holder. My sister gave me a jewelry box a few birthdays ago, and it has an engravement of “Love You Forever xoxo”, so I no longer need this. It was really cute, but I feel like I outgrew this. Instead, I was thinking of giving this to my niece when she is a bit older. I hope she likes it, too.

Day 99 of 193

This has been a wonderful journey. I highly recommend people declutter their possessions. I am so proud of my accomplishments! Even you just get rid of 10 items, I believe you will start to see the difference in your life.

Today’s item is this jewelry holder, or at least that is what my sister and I used it as. It had contained all of that tangled jewelry from yesterday.

I no longer have a purpose of this anymore since I already have a jewelry box. I am going to see if my sister wants this back, since it was hers at one point. And if she doesn’t like it, maybe we can set it aside for my niece for when she is older. It’s really beautiful, but I no longer have a purpose for it.

Day 98 of 193

I just noticed that I had a keying error and yesterday was actually Day 97, not Day 98 like I had typed out.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about the actual 98th Day of decluttering. Today marks my fourteenth week since I started this journey. I am beyond proud of myself. I definitely feel lighter now.

I have noticed a lot of positive changes in my life. I stopped shopping and adding things to my life. I am starting to feel less stressed out by slowly removing things that no longer brings me happiness. I am able to save up more money since I’m not shopping like I used to. All in all, I am starting to feel so much better.

Today’s item is about all of these odd pieces of jewelry that I have kept from Christmases and birthdays. I am going to be sorting through more of my jewelry later. I only want to keep a few possessions so that way the items I do keep will be that more meaningful to me. But as embarrassing as this is, I have tried to wear these pieces of jewelry, and it would turn my skin green. I definitely don’t need to worry about that anymore.

I didn’t even bother to detangle any of this, because I know I wouldn’t wear any of it anyway.