Day 147 of 192

Today marks week 21 of my decluttering project. So far I have gone through two containers from my old room, that I have kept at my sister’s house for a few years now. I have two more containers to go through. It feels amazing knowing that whatever I am getting rid of is going to benefit someone else.

All of this extra space has allowed me to fill the open spaces with things that I actually enjoy, and I know these possessions of mine brings me joy.

I used to be obsessed with incents, but when I moved into my boyfriend’s house, for some I didn’t even pack any of them with me. So I when I saw them at the bottom of this container. I decided it was best to let go of these, because I have shown myself that they sparked little joy. I figured after these years, they had lost their scent.

Day 106 of 192

Hey everyone!

I am so proud of myself that I have removed 106 items in the past 15 weeks. Although I have started many decluttering projects before. I hate to admit it, but I used to have my things in other peoples’ houses. It was challenging since I don’t drive, so I’m not about to take containers on the bus and take up so many seats. That just doesn’t sound too beneficial or nice for the other people who want to sit on the bus, too. Because I wasn’t able to travel to retrieve my belongings, I was only able to examine the items that I had around me.

Looking back at it now, I should have only brought the items I enjoyed to my boyfriend’s mom’s house when I was slowly starting to move in there. But that’s okay.

I would like to think that since I have started dating my boyfriend I probably have donated about 400 items, which is really amazing because that’s in the course of five years. I definitely feel a lot lighter. I did a bit of decluttering a year before I had met him for when my mom and I moved out of my childhood house into a two bedroom place.

Today’s item is another package of incents. I used to be so obsessed with these. I had three packages of different flavours, so I can use different scents throughout the day. But these were one of the things that I had left at my mom’s when I had moved into my boyfriend’s family’s house. That was so long ago that they no longer smell.

Day 104 of 192

Hey everyone!

This is Sunday’s item.

I had found this buried at the bottom of a container not too long ago. I probably have bought this about 6.5 years ago, so they have unfortunately degraded since then. I had no choice, but to throw them away, although fortunately for me I more than likely bought this at the dollar store.

Day 101 of 192

The item that I decided to throw out were these incents. I have had them for a really long, and they have degraded. I used to love having incents around in my room, but now I just use a candle for the time being since I have so many right now.

I saw my sister and I asked her if I can have one of containers of my things, so I can sort through them. I can’t wait to finally go through all of my belongings once and for all. This is really exciting!