Every week I like to write small ways we can boost our happiness. I know that some people, like me, are still in their winter. Going through winter can be really difficult, because the majority of the days are dark, without a lot of sun. Although I realize that it can be worse if you are in Alaska, since they go months without sunshine. Winter can just be unbearable. So I have thought of ways that can boost our happiness, with very little effort, and mostly at a cost of nothing. I like to call it Feel Good Fridays. I was inspired by talking to one of my cousins because she was going through life, and came to me, looking for ideas to help boost her energy and motivation. Which is basically how this blog idea was inspired.

The other night, I couldn’t fall asleep, so I thought I would practice doing some yoga. There are various types of yoga, there is calming yoga, and there can be workouts, like core strengthening added to yoga poses, too. I am slowly starting to get into a yoga routine again because of the other night.

If you are new to yoga you can find lots of beginners videos on YouTube. Since this might be a new habit for everyone. But if you like yoga, and would like to practice yoga every day. I suggest starting small. You can find 10 minutes videos. Then before you know you will like to do more. I find it’s easy to start a habit by starting out and taking baby steps, and then you will be able to add more to it.

Yoga has a ton of benefits, aside from the obvious of making you more flexible, but it has other benefits, too. Yoga can help you with digestion, it can strengthen your immune system, it can also help you sleep better.

I have always loved practicing yoga, so I am glad that I am starting to get into a habit again.

Strengthening Your Immune System

I love Eckhart Tolle, he is a spiritual teacher, who inspires us to embrace the present, and live in the now. Every Friday (or sometimes Saturday), I write and talk about one of his insights from his book The Power of Now, which I am currently reading.

“Another benefit of this practice (in the book, he is talking about being more conscious of your body) in the physical realm is a great strengthening of the immune system, which occurs when you inhabit the body. The more consciousness you bring into the body, the stronger the immune system becomes. It is as if every cell awakens and rejoices.”

-Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now

He is expressing the fact that when you learn to take a few minutes every day, and just pause from the rest of the world, you will be able to strengthen your immune system. The reason you are able to strengthen your immune system is by allowing yourself to be still, increases your body’s frequency, which makes it harder for things like fear, depression, anxiety to live in your body. Those negative energy enter our bodies because they fiend on lower frequencies, which is why it is so easy for them to enter our bodies.

If you are able to get your body functioning on a high body frequency, no negative emotions can bring you down, or exist in your thought process. There isn’t a better time to focus on strengthening your immune system than the now.