Day 34

Always make the time for learning new things, and skills. It’s important since continued learning helps your mind, and brain stay active. Keeping the mind active, helps slow down developing dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. It doesn’t have to be much, you can practice a Sudoku puzzle, read a book, watch TedTalks, or YouTube videos about learning something new. Perhaps you always wanted to learn how to knit, or crochet, that can help keep your mind sharp.

I know myself, I would love to learn and watch some videos on people demonstrating how to do this skill. There are some many different videos out there, where you can learn anything you like. I’m sure there are books on the subjects you are interested on, if that’s how you like to learn.

I enjoy learning a new language. I love practicing French on phone. I took French throughout high school, so this is a nice refresher.

Today, I will set aside some time for me to learn something new, whether it is a new recipe, a new language, or a new hobby. Not only is it fun to learn something new, but I will be able to keep my mind sharp and active.

Day Three

Every day I will be posting and talking about life lessons and daily affirmations. I cannot wait to share my wisdom with others. Even though I am still in 20’s, I still feel like I can provide people with some of the life lessons I have learned. I hope this blog universe becomes even more of a safe place to talk about our feelings, and experiences. Although I would never force anyone to share something that they aren’t comfortable with.

Because life is extremely short and unpredictable, we should learn to fill every day with something that we love doing. Bonus points if you do this activities with someone you love. Perhaps you enjoy drawing, or singing, or reading, or something totally different. By ensuring you spend time doing you love every day, even if it is just 15 minutes, you increase your chances of improving yourself from that goal. And I believe in that saying that it takes 10,000 hours to master something. Not only does spending your day doing something you love, add happiness in your life, you can also improve your skills.

And who knows, maybe partaking in this habit, you may realize that maybe this is something you would want to do as a full time job, or for a charitable cause. Sometimes our hobbies can become just more than hobbies.

We never know what type of obstacles life is going to throw our way, tomorrow or next week, so it becomes even more relevant to do the things that makes us happy. Which is always important to start your day or end your day with something you love doing.

Today, I will find the time to do something that I will add happiness throughout my day. No matter how busy or tiring my day may be, I will do something every day that excites me, and adds joy.