Day 122 of 192

These are the shoes that I had worn for grade eight graduation.

I have worn them on the occasion afterwards, too. These heels were really cute. I enjoyed wearing these when I got the chance to. But now that I know how damaging heels are for our feet, I have refrain myself from wearing them. If I have to dress up, I will try to wear wedges, because they aren’t as bad as heels. Although I will make the exception of wearing heels at weddings, and my future graduation ceremonies.

Being There

I love being there for someone, no matter what. Showing someone you care about them is important and it makes the person feel special.

Today I was at my boyfriend’s house and it was his sister’s graduation. I gave her a gift (that was also from my boyfriend as well) it was half made half bought. She loved it! She insisted on me coming. And she also told her brother he should marry me. I figured we would take photos together so I packed a dress and nice shoes. Good thing I did.

I enjoyed my day. His sister was happy that I was there.

We took pictures together after the ceremony. It was a blissful day. Being there for someone is the best.