Glitter Chai Latte

Hey, this is an extremely late post for Tea Tuesdays. But I had a Glitter Chai latte. It is so delicious! Why I love it? It has a medium Chai spice to it. I love being able to taste the cloves and cinnamon. And bonus, it has edible glitter in it.

This mug was a Christmas present from my uncle a few years back, and I finally found it again packed away in one of my containers. I used to keep this mug at my mother’s house. I really missed this mug, but I am happy that I am using it again.

Day 107 of 192

Today’s item is five jars of glitter. I don’t think that I will be playing with any more glitter, and if I will I don’t see happening anytime soon. I don’t have a craft table anymore where I live. I mostly do most of my crafts on my bed. So I rather not be sleeping in a glitter mess.

When my boyfriend and I get our space, yeah, maybe I’ll be making arts and crafts with glitter.