Butterscotch Chai

Hey, everyone! It’s another Tea Tuesday.

In honour of the first day of Autumn, I decided to have a chai tea. I enjoy having chai teas, especially in Autumn.

I love butterscotch, my Grandma got me into butterscotch, because we would always eat butterscotch pudding at her house. It feels like I get transported back to their house, which I miss a lot. Her and my Grandpa are in a retirement home now, and I haven’t see them in a few months. So this was a nice treat to remember them by.

It has a nutty flavour and a nice touch of spice from the chai. I made it into a latte with almond milk.

My mug is a birthday gift from a dear friend of mine. It has a little giraffe inside of it. And giraffe spots on the outside. I absolutely love it.

Day 83 of 192

This is Sunday’s item. I was too busy enjoying all of the football games yesterday to post this. It was definitely a lot of fun! I didn’t realize how much I missed watching those games.

I have kept this calendar, because I really love giraffes. At the time I had received this calendar, my boyfriend and I were living at his mom’s house, so unfortunately we didn’t need two calendars for our room. I never really got to use it because we used my boyfriend’s calendar instead.

I guess I kept it because of my love for giraffes and perhaps from the guilt of not using it, since it was a Christmas present.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Tea

Hey everyone, it’s another addition of Tea Tuesdays.

This tea is one of my favourites from this year. It’s perfect when you want to have a dessert of some kind, but don’t have any or your tummy is too full from dinner.

It has real bits of white chocolate and cocoa beans in the tea. It’s really decadent, but not overly sweet.

It’s a caffeine free mate tea, so that makes the perfect treat.

I have it in one giraffe mugs. It’s adorable. I got it as a Christmas gift, which is the perfect gift for me since I love giraffes and tea.

Day 12 of 192

I should have never agreed to take this shirt. My Grandma had offered me this shirt, since I love giraffes. Old me took me not trying to be rude. But even after a few years, I haven’t worn it once. It is a nice shirt, don’t get me wrong, but it just isn’t for me. I find the shirt a bit too loud for my liking.

I have to donate this item, since it didn’t really bring me much joy.

Expressing Gratitude

Yesterday Miss Penguin Girl came up to me asking me if I would be willing to take her shift. I already made plans to see my dad and my grandparents but I figured I could always reschedule with them for another day.

Then today when I went to work I saw that she bought me a gift like she said she would. She bought me Nicholas Sparks’ The Longest RideĀ I saw the movie and I absolutely admired it. It’s by far my favourite Sparks’ movie. And she even bought a few giraffe things as well as this Name A Star Gift Box. Although I haven’t opened it yet.

Today I will learn to express my gratitude. It doesn’t have to be something bought but as long as your gratitude is genuine that is what matters.

Vanilla Cupcakes

When I went to my boyfriend’s house we made his sister vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting. They were delicious.

I also used my animal print cupcake liners. I have tiger stripes, giraffe and zebra. His sister loves tigers so I gave her those ones. And as you should know giraffes are my favourite.

Then we added sprinkles. It was a great dessert.