Fortune Cookies

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend.

My boyfriend and I ordered Chinese food and my fortune cookies read;

“Now is a good time to finish up old tasks.”

“Rome was not built in a day. Be patient.”

I thought these were good fortune cookies since it is the last day of May and the beginning of June is on its way! I do have a lot of things I would like to finish up so it was really inspiring fortune cookies.

I’m going to make a to-do list and assign a day for each task to ensure that everything gets done.

Seek Your Desires

If you truly want something in life you must seek it. If you never seek what you want you will never have it. Always be brave and face your fears.

Let nothing stop you from what you want. Be strong and carry Faith in your heart. It will take you where you would like to go.

Never give up on your dreams.