Day 66 of 192

This decluttering journey has been liberating. I am so happy with the progress I have been making.

Today, I am donating this pencil sharpener, that I no longer need or use.

Digital Declutter: I have also deleted ten photos from my phone that I no longer need. It’s a start for finally (digitally) organizing my photos into albums onto my phone. It’s long overdue.

Day 49 of 192

I can’t believe that I have been decluttering for seven weeks now, it is such an amazing feeling to have less stuff. At first I wasn’t sure how I would feel about living with less. It has been a project for the past six years now. I feel quite proud of myself, and I hope this is the last year where I have to purge my own things. I haven’t really bought many new things, aside from tea. Tea and tea mugs will always be my weakness, but collecting tea mugs is something that brings me so much joy. I love having a variety of mugs.

I allow myself to have a collection of mugs because it adds joy to my life. To me, being a minimalist, it isn’t about only having 15 items in your life, it’s about only keeping things that add joy in your life. It’s also about being comfortable with living within your means, and you aren’t going on massive shopping sprees on the newest designs. Especially if those purchases are making you go into debts.

Over the weekend, my boyfriend and myself finished using my favourite candle. It’s called Champagne Toast, it smells amazing.

Digital Declutter: I’m still purging through photos on my photos. I have too many photos and definitely need to spend more time sorting through them.

Day 43 of 192

So far during my decluttering challenge, I have been finding it quite easy so far. The fact that I have kept so many things that I shouldn’t have even carried with me for all of the years. I am happy that I have been able to keep the momentum going for the past six weeks.

I have decided that since I had this shirt for four years and never really went out of my way to wear this, I feel like I would be better off without it. It’s a cool shirt, but I haven’t really made much effort to wear it. I feel like it’s time to pass this shirt on to someone else.

Digital Clutter: I uninstalled six apps on my phone. Right now, I am focusing on decluttering my phone, and then I’m going to do the same on laptop. It is a bit cluttered.