Day 110 of 192

I have set up my daily decluttering journey. This is where I document about removing one item from my life. The items I am removing from my life will benefit someone else who can use it instead of just sitting around in my room collecting dust.

I first started this project on Monday, June 22nd, of this year. I picked 193 days, because that is how many days were of 2020. This way I will be ringing in 2021 with 193 fewer items. It’s not too late for you to start this journey.

I also focus on my digital declutter by spending about 10 minutes a day. I go through my photos and organize them into albums, and deleting duplicates and any other photos I no longer need.

I encourage others to donate clothes so we can help others who don’t have the things we do to keep us warm. Or just donate anything else you no longer wear to a friend or a family member. A cool idea is organizing a clothes swap in your intermediate circle, where you can bring all of the things you no longer wear or use and have everyone do the same. Once everyone has their items you can just swap what you like and no longer use anymore. That way you can do an exchange with others. Whatever is left over you can donate it if any donation centres are open in your area. This helps with spending less money at shopping malls, and it’s a fun way to get rid of your stuff, too.

I normally just put everything in a reusable bag and hand it off to my Grandma. She is really sociable so she knows which of her neighbours and friends needs each of these items.

This item is from Saturday.

It’s a notebook that I had kept, thinking I would use it one day, but I never did. I had this notebook for several years, so I feel like it would be better with someone else.

Day 102 of 192

Hey everyone! I am feeling a bit fatigue at the moment, so I am just hoping on for this one post. And I am going to spend some time putting away my summer clothes and pull out my Autumn and winter clothes. As well as declutter a few things, maybe that would help me feel better.

I will definitely be posting more tomorrow.

Today’s item that I am donating is this jewelry holder. My sister gave me a jewelry box a few birthdays ago, and it has an engravement of “Love You Forever xoxo”, so I no longer need this. It was really cute, but I feel like I outgrew this. Instead, I was thinking of giving this to my niece when she is a bit older. I hope she likes it, too.

Day 46 of 192

So yesterday, I took a day to myself to just relax and sort of unplug, mostly just from social media. I miss you all. Although I did make the exception for some TV since it’s hockey time. I am disappointed that my team didn’t force a game five, but now I’ll have more time since there isn’t much hockey for me to watch now.

My boyfriend and I buy these chocolate with surprises in them, and this was one of our surprises. We just buy it for the chocolate, because the chocolate is so yummy. But my sister’s step son loves dinosaurs, so we’re just going to pass it on to him. He’s going to love it.

Digital Declutter: I’ve deleted 10 photos so far. It isn’t much, but it is one of my small steps, to declutter my photo clutter. I need to go through my photos because I have duplicates from events that I haven’t actually gone through them yet. This is really starting to the ball moving.

Day 42 of 192

I have really enjoyed taking control of my life and being more cautious of what I want to have and bring into my life. I have always wanted to make better choices in my life, and I have finally made the action to be better.

It is all about thinking about a big goal, and making small steps towards your big goal. This is why by eliminating one item every day, can keep the momentum going to finally sort through everything once and for all.

Today’s item is this old shirt that I used to wear all the time. I have found that I kept a lot of clothes that I used to wear from 10 to 15 years ago. I have decided to get rid of most of these items.

I loved the benefits of getting rid of my physical clutter, I have decided to finally sort through my digital clutter.

Digital Clutter: I have started with my email, and I have already deleted 960 emails. I still have a bit to go, but it is an amazing start to say the less.

Day 41 of 192

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well.

Right now I am thinking on how I would like this week to unfold and how I can move towards accomplishing my goals.

Earlier today, I was looking at what I can donate. I came across this leggings. They still have the tag on them since I haven’t worn them yet. I feel bad because my mama had bought these as a gift. These pants just seem too wild for me. I prefer clothes that are simple. So I’m just planning on donating to someone who would appreciate this more than I do.

Day 39 of 192

For the past 39 days I have vowed to remove one item from my life, and I am already starting to feel the difference in my life.

Today since I have finished this tea, and I have a lot of these tins, I decided to recycle this. I have already set aside some to repurpose them into a pens, pencil holder, and another is for my paint brushes. Although I have been waiting for my boyfriend to help with this project.

I am quite happy with all of this progress so far, and I ever look forward for the day to come where I only have the things that spark joy and add value to my life. Although I do have a lot of work ahead of me. Life is a journey so I don’t mind the hard work that lies ahead of me.

30 Days In

I am starting to feel the joy with slowly getting rid of things that no longer add any joy in my life. It is very freeing.

Although one of the saddest realization is that these items used to be money, and I spent on things that I thought would make me happy. But now that I am getting rid of them, I realized that in the end I wasn’t happy with that purchase. These things could have bought me a weekend getaway with my boyfriend. I learned that we don’t just spend things with money, but the hours of our lives. Before I buy something, I ask myself is this item really worth an x number of hours of life? If not, I don’t buy it. If it is, I ponder it over. I must not make any impulsive decisions about my spending habits.

Now that I am slowly removing the things that no longer sparks joy for me. I am starting to realize that I never want to go shopping for new clothes, at least not for a long time. I am happy just owning things that make me happy. I don’t have chase the “next best thing”. I don’t mind that I don’t have the latest phone, or the latest purse, or shoes, or anything else. I am happy with my “old and boring” brands of things.

I am starting to be more happy with everything I own. It helps me keep my house clean. Learning to be less, makes things less stressful, and easier to clean.

If you are starting your journey, feel free to share your journey in the comments below.