Candy Cane Matcha Iced Latte

Here is another post for Tea Tuesdays.

My sister-in-law bought my boyfriend and I this cool matcha kit for Christmas. It comes with the whisk, and a bowl to whisk the powder. We already have a bowl, and whisk set, but I am still happy that we have another. Now my boyfriend and I can make our own matcha together. She also got us a set of four stackable mugs, which are really cool. I’ll for sure post photos in an upcoming post.

Here is our matcha bowl.

The matcha tea I picked was Candy Cane, which shockingly I haven’t had any this whole season yet. I was saving it since I didn’t have much left.

First thing I did was I began boiling the kettle. While the kettle was boiling, I measured my matcha powder into the bowl.

I added some ice cubes to my mug. I used my cozy sweater mug, because that one is my favourite one.

Next, I poured the boiling water over the powder to form a liquid.

I began whisking the liquid to ensure everything dissolved properly.

Whilst I was whisking to make it frothy, I let my eggnog frothed in my milk frother.

Once finished, I poured my matcha tea over the ice cubes, topped off with my frothed eggnog.

It was delicious! 🙂

Hot Chocolate Latte

In this Tea Tuesday edition on a Wednesday. Yesterday was a beautiful day, so I ended up spending the day outside reading a good book.

I made myself a hot chocolate latte in my cozy sweater mug. Over the weekend, I officially took out my Christmas/winter mugs and teas. I keep them in my cupboard, but now they are on display, which is always exciting.

It is extra creamy especially as a latte. It also uses real cocoa beans, so it is really decadent. It makes for the perfect treat.

Here is my special cozy sweater mug, that is my favourite winter mug. I bought it last year, as a Christmas present for myself.

Candy Cane Crush Latte

Here is Tea Tuesday on a Wednesday!

Because of the whole Covid-19 lock down, I had to resort into using my stash of hand soaps. Even though I am practicing minimalism and wanting to have less, hand soaps is something I can stock up on, because I’m always going to need it. This helps me saves me some money, since I don’t have to pay full price when they come back on the shelves again. I love buying seasonal ones on sale, so I can save them for the next year’s season. I am currently using Candy Cane Bliss hand soap, and it made me fancy my candy cane tea.

I’m happy that the stores are now open, because this is my last hand soap. I have been waiting to feel more comfortable going into stores.

I love making this tea as a latte. It’s delicious. It has the perfect mintiness, nothing too overpowering, but not too weak either. I always save some tea in case I fancy it throughout the year. It’s one of my favourite Christmas teas. I even went digging in my tea cupboard for my cozy Christmas sweater mug.