Day 9 of 192

Hi everyone! I forgot to write about this yesterday, so here’s another a double post of the Daily Decluttering!

I am done sorting through my cosmetics. Yay!

My goal is to never own this many make up products at once. It was just too overwhelming to look at all of the time.

Day 7 of 192

Hey everyone, I had an eventful weekend so I did get a bit caught up to share my Sunday’s item for my decluttering mission.

I have decided that it is best to start fresh, especially with my cosmetics. It is dangerous to apply expired make up.

How is everyone doing with their decluttering mission? I may not be feeling lighter, but I know that my make up tin is.

I read in Marie Kondo’s book The Illustrated Guide to Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up that she says to thank all of the items you discard. I love that book.

Day 6 of 192

Hi all! I hope everyone is still on track with their de-cluttering goals. Today marks day six of our journey of the 192 days de-cluttering challenge.

I decided to throw away my lip balm that I have had for a long time — too long, to be honest.

Day 5 of 192

And now that I am finally caught up with everything, here is today’s item that I discarded.

I keep on thinking that I will start wearing more makeup, but then I never really did. I’m more of a natural person, to be honest.

Day 3 of 192

Another day, another item to discard. I am so happy to go through my things. I am still going through my cosmetics right now.

So far, I haven’t feel much lighter, but that’s because I have only gotten rid of three items. For those who are out there, don’t get discouraged if you haven’t felt like much lighter, yet. It will definitely come to you. Just keep working towards your goals.

If you like to, you can discard one than one thing a day. I am just suggesting one a day. Your journey isn’t mine, it’s yours, so you decide about what works for you.

Feel free to document your journey in the comments.