Day 51

This lesson is from Saturday.

My boyfriend was making us dinner, and while I was waiting, I was going through my art and crafts bin. I had pulled that out, so I can take some crafts to do with my niece when I was babysitting her last week. I kept it because I wanted to do some crafts myself. I took out some of my colouring and my pencil crayons and started colouring. I picked out my Alice in Wonderland colouring book. I love that movie.

I love that colouring has an ability to calm me, and relax me. Colouring is so soothing. I will definitely be making more time to do crafts this week, especially since it’s almost my boyfriend’s birthday. I also have a lot of colouring books.

Today, I will focus on ways to relax and calm me. Which can be easier than one think. Colouring, and doing arts and crafts are a good way to relieve stress. I personally love to colour. Finding healthy ways to relieve and cope with stress is easier than one might think it is. We just need to think about it more creatively.

Day 169 of 192

Hey everyone! I hope you are doing well. I’ve been a bit busy today and yesterday. I’m slowly catching up with my posts. I just realized that I had it set for 193 days, but it should have just been 192 days. I went through all of my posts to fix the error.

This is Tuesday’s item.

I am still working through my containers, and trying to sort through each belonging. I came across this colouring book, that my sister and I used to have when we were younger. I’m going to offer it back to her, and see if she wants it, if not, she can just pass it on our Grandma.

Day 168 of 192

Hey there! I hope everyone is doing well. I had a somewhat of a busy day, which is why I am writing so late.

This is week number 24. I cannot believe it. I feel lighter, and happier. I am glad that I am able to give back to others.

I am going through my third of my fourth container that I have of just things that I had quickly packed away from my mom’s old house. I will look and see what I can do for next year.

I came across old colouring books in this container. I’m just going to hand this off to my Grandma and see if she knows any little children who will benefit from this book. My sister and I have coloured a few pages, but I’m sure they won’t mind.