Make Your Bed

In this edition of Feel Good Fridays, let’s try to work on improving ourselves for the better. We don’t have to spend a lot of time making ourselves feel good, even if it’s just 15 minutes, or even five minutes a day. The idea of Feel Good Fridays is help us become happier without much effort.

Today’s suggestion is make your bed. I feel that if you start the day with making your bed, you will accomplished something, and by completing that task, you would want to complete another task, and then before you know it, you would have completed your entire to-do list, or just feel accomplished about what you have accomplished. When you accomplish more things on your to-do list, you begin to feel less stressed about it. Which also helps you to feel better.

What I normally like to do, is when I get out of bed, I fold the sheets over to the foot of the bed, so my fitted sheet has time to breathe. During that time, I make and eat breakfast, and then I get dressed. Once I finish those things, I then make my bed.

Doing Me

I have always viewed taking care of yourself as a selfish act but now that I have focused on myself it isn’t a selfish but a selfless state like Eckhart Tolle said in The Power of Now. I am thoroughly enjoying that book. Now I’m not saying you have never have to help out people ever, you still can. I am showing us the difference between letting someone walk over you and helping them out. There is a difference.

I did a lot of things that we were just for me and not for anyone else. I went for a run. I washed the dishes and put them away. I swept my room. These tasks are so simple but they sparked a lot of joy to me. I also ate healthy foods from doing all of that exercises and stretches.

Lesson of the Day

Doing things for yourself isn’t a selfish it is a selfless state. Start small and build your way.

Day 14

With all of the things that has stressed me out I wasn’t able to finish all of my resolutions this week. I broke several but that’s okay, too.

First things first I have wrote a list of things that I would to accomplish before the end of the month. Most of the list is to declutter my house. I completed another nagging task so that’s good. It gave me something to check off of the list.

Going to bed early has been a really big challenge so I am going to try to go to bed early tonight. The thing that makes it difficult is that my boyfriend works afternoons. I like to socialize with him before I go to sleep.

I am half way down my room. I need to organize my memory box. This task is going to take a lot of patience because I need to declutter a lot of that.

I missed milk and sugar in my tea so instead of my milk, honey and cinnamon I went back to sugar. But on plus note I have had more vegetables. I am still getting into the habit of taking my supplements.

Next thing I need to work on is being more active and flexible. I want to do a run with my boyfriend before the year ends. If that is something that we do then we should start training as soon as possible.

I am slowly adding more reading into my daily routine.

I will continue to strive forward with my goals.