I hope everyone is having a good week, my week could definitely be a bit better.

I didn’t draw this, but I came across this photo on Facebook. I love Oprah Winfrey and quotes.

But with this whole pandemic going on, I have been doing some soul searching and wanting to try new things. One of my dreams is to write a book, and become a published author. I have been working hard on brainstorming ideas, and manifesting my dream to the universe.

I believe that everyone has a goal inside of them. All you need is to dig deep within yourself, and let the universe know what you would like for yourself.

Captain of Your Soul

It’s time to start our weeks out with positive vibes. We need to regain confidence in ourselves. Sometimes we are guilty of doubting ourselves, or that we let other people decide what we should do next, rather than us simply listening to our hearts. We are the captain of our soul, no one else is.

It is okay, to seek advice from others, but we shouldn’t give them the power to make all of our decisions for us. We should only seek guidance and their opinions to help us make a decision, but don’t let someone make decisions on behalf of yourself.

Some days it may be harder to believe in yourself, but it is absolutely necessary.

Following Your Dreams

I read this today…

“Julia Child’s kitchen, which was also the set for her TV shows, is now on display at the National Museum of American History.”

I love cooking and I love Julia Child. I haven’t tried any of her recipes but I would love try one day.

I will do something today that my future self will thank me for.


Today I spent some of my money on clothes which was okay, since I only bought things that were on sale. They were great sales.

Now I am preparing to start saving since it was one of my resolutions that I made for myself on my birthday. I starting to reorganize my life in order for myself to become the better me.

Today I will learn to save money for my future. I will prepare myself for it. I have a lot of potential and I believe in myself.

A Lesson

“Nothing will ever go away until it has taught us what we need to know.”

-Pema Chodron

The lesson that I am having difficulties with is to “Just breathe” and staying calm.When things become stressful I often feel overwhelmed. I am a people pleaser so I feel like everything has to be perfect.

I need to work on relaxing and accepting that everything will be okay.

Today, I will let go all of my worries and doubts and believe in myself.

Be You – Buddy Wakefield

“So return to yourself

Even if you are already there

Because no matter where you go or how hard you try

or what you do

the only person that you’ll gonna

get to be

(and I know it)

is you.”

-Buddy Wakefield

I love this snippet from one of his poems. It is a reminder that the only person you get to be is you and you shouldn’t try to compare yourself to other people because they are walking a different path than you. Only you have experienced your journey.

Never be too hard on yourself.

Leave The Past Behind

Even though you might have an attachment to your past, somethings are best to let go. We are not allowing ourselves to grow to our full potential if there is always apart of us that belongs in the past.

Sometimes we use the past as an excuse because we are afraid to get close to someone else since someone previously did harm to us or we are afraid of failing or whatever else we are thinking. Change your thoughts and you will be more at peace with yourself and others.

But we must let this go. The heart cannot fully love someone if you put your walls to guard yourself. By doing so you are blocking yourself from receiving love.

Learn from the past but never attach yourself to it.

Today, I will let go of the past. I will accept that people have hurt me but I should not let it affect my present. I will embrace new challenges and people in my life instead of limiting ourselves.

Life is Like A River

“Life is like a river. The way of Life is to flow with the current. To turn against it takes effort but the current will carry you if you let it. Float with ease and joy.”

Despite that life can throw obstacles in our way, we must first learn to accept it. Life is like a river we must learn to go with the flow. Then finally we can finally embrace it. Once we do, we will be grateful for the events that occurred to us that we may have seen as a misfortune.

Never let a situation bring you down. You can use these blocks as either stumbling blocks or building blocks. It’s up to you. But never let the negative consume your thoughts. Allow positive emotions to flow within you. Only you can change your thoughts. Changing your thoughts is the key to happiness. It may be difficult at first but it is essential to become optimistic and how you can then move forward.

Today, I will focus on the good rather the bad. Whatever I may be dealing with I will not let it bring me down. I will seek acceptance and see my situation as a blessing in a disguise and not as a curse. All it takes is to simply change my thoughts. And when I do I will be able to float with the flow of life.

“When something bad happens, you have three choices; you can either let it define, let it destroy you or let it strengthen you.”

Summertime Sadness

I love summer. It’s my favourite season but these past two summers haven’t been that joyous. I’ve been feeling a lot of sadness. The start of this summer seemed like a promising summer but now it’s on pause.I hope that it is able to improve for the better shortly.

I often find it difficult to make decisions so I used to ask people for their advice and if I don’t like or want to do their suggestions, I ask another person until I get the response I’m looking. The people I asked advice for basically “co-signed” for my non-sense. If something bad happened after I took “their’ advice I would mentally blame them for what happened.

I realized that what I was doing wasn’t healthy. I am trying to strengthen my own problem solving.skills and to not get mad at other people.

I need to focus on what’s best for me. Not what other people think I should do. I must believe in myself that I am capable to see what it is right and what is wrong. I am the only who can determine exactly how I feel despite that there are times where I don’t even know how I feel. Which is something else I am trying to work on.

But something that I have learnt is that it takes sadness to appreciate the happy moments. And I understand that after feeling sadness I can be ready to experience happiness.

Today, I will allow myself to stop and to think carefully about what to do. I will allow myself as much time as I need to think about what truly is best for me. After all I am the one who has to walk in these shoes.

Crossing Paths Again

Today I used my new water bottle at work and it says; “Don’t wish for it Work for it.”  Very inspiring.

Whilst I was at work I saw a friend that I haven’t seen in a little while. It was quite fun catching up again. He told me that he admired my dress and my accessories and of course my positive outlook. We were able to catch up whilst I was waiting for my ma to pick up.

He finally read my blog and I can tell that he really enjoyed reading it.I’m glad that my positive outlook helps others.