Favourite Friday #1

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I was really inspired and wanted to partake in this post, although I got so busy with it being my Thanksgiving Weekend. Now, I’m just catching up with all of my posts.

I first saw this on https://midnightbookblog.wordpress.com/ ‘s blog, and I loved the idea of this post.

https://midnightbookblog.wordpress.com/ says anyone can participate in this post, although she does asks that you can tag her, so she can read your responses, as well.

Every Friday talks about a different topic. The past Friday’s topic was talking about our favourite time and places to read.

My favourite time to read is in the late morning and early afternoon, because I can set aside a few hours to read and have a mini readathon.

My favourite place to read is in my bed since I have a cozy blanket and many pillows. I enjoy reading in my room since it’s always quiet and I can enjoy the book better with silence. When it gets nice out, I like to read outside on my front steps. I love reading at the beach because I love the feeling of the sun beaming down on me. I enjoy reading with a cup of tea or a latte, with a few snacks near by.

I wish that I had this bay window benches looking outside. It would be amazing especially on those rainy days and you can see the rain and hear it tap on the window. It’s such a surreal feeling. Sometimes I do like to go on YouTube and listen to those outside noises like the rain, or the waves at a beach, or even just a Chinese bamboo flute, that is really relaxing.

I can’t wait to partake in next week’s post. 🙂

Thankful Thursdays #7

It’s another Thursday which means another Thankful Thursday.

This is where I write a list of five things I am grateful for. I encourage others to make their own list, as well.

  1. I am thankful that I got to spend time with my boyfriend throughout the week, he was off for an extra two days. It was a lot of fun to just hang out neglecting the world.
  2. I am grateful that my boyfriend is just as excited as the clutter free zones as I am. I have declared our coffee table and our night table are often dumping zones (from my boyfriend), so I said that we should keep them spacious and free of clutter.
  3. I am happy that my boyfriend and I went out for a date last night. We went out for ice cream and to the beach to watch the sunset. It was amazing!
  4. I am thankful for my followers for continuing to like my posts, and writing positive and thoughtful comments. Especially with all of the feedback I have received from my short story Taxi Driver
  5. I appreciated my sister for messaging me earlier in the week. I understand she is busy, so I don’t hold that against her. It does make me happy when she does message me. I miss hearing from her. I miss her dealry.

Hot Dogs And Hamburgers

I went to the beach with my boyfriend and his family. His sister-in-law made hot dogs and hamburgers and she made a spicy mayo. It was amazing! I had one of each. And on each I had spicy mayo, lettuce, onion and on and pickles.

The smart part of them was that they cooked before they left and placed tinfoil in the bottom of a tray with a lid on them.

Being Apart of the Family

Today I spent the day with my boyfriend and his family for his nephew’s birthday celebration. We decided to go to the beach. It was such a fun road trip.

It was nine of us plus my boyfriend’s mom’s dog and my boyfriend’s sister-in-law’s dog. We travelled in two cars; in one car was my boyfriend, one of his older brother and their mom and dog and of course me. Then the other car was his other older brother, wife, child and their younger sister and her boyfriend.

I had such a great day. It was like the perfect day to go it wasn’t too hot but it wasn’t too cold. I loved hearing the waves crashing upon the shore.

As soon we got there we set up our tents. I was so sun burnt from the other day I went to the beach that I forbid myself to not going the sun’s peak. I ended up catching up with my boyfriend’s mom and his sister-in-law with the dogs.

We ate first we had a hamburger and hot dog. It was quite delicious!

I decided to take the plunge into the water. Well, not literally. It takes me a little while to get used to cold water. I stand on my tip toes with my arm up until I can no longer stand.

My boyfriend who was already in the water swam to shore so he can walk with me. That was cute. The water was refreshing. He is such a gentleman.

I enjoyed the time I was able to spend with my boyfriend and his family. Every time I see him and his family we always have an adventure!

Today, I will learn to feel apart of something. I will also learn to be spontaneous and live in the moment.


So today my ma and I went to the beach. It was a nice day. My boyfriend messaged me during his breaks. I read my book. It was very relaxing reading whilst listening to the waves swam to shore.

Although what’s not relaxing a sunburn! It’s really bad. I think this is one of my worst sunburns I have ever gotten.

I look like a lobster.

I’ve applying aloe vera and taking showers using cool water. I even tried something. I cut up cucumbers into slices and I applied them on my burns. It’s took away some of the hotness from my burns.

Today, I will make sure I am safe.