Day 135 of 192

This is Wednesday’s item.

I used to go swimming a lot throughout my childhood. I loved going to the beach. Especially with what’s happening right now, I’m not really interested in going for a swim or to the beach anytime soon.

This bathing suit used to be my favourite, but I have outgrown this one. I thought it was a really cute bathing suit.

Day 127 of 192

This is Tuesday’s item.

Since my Grandma gave me other bathing suit, and I haven’t worn this one in a really time. I thought it would be best to depart with this item.

I probably had this for a few years. My Grandma probably gave it to me, or I had received this as a gift.

I’m glad that I have gotten rid of 127 items. I am finally starting to get rid of things that I no longer use. It’s a liberating feeling.

Day 60 of 192

This is Friday’s item, I fell a bit behind.

When I saw my Grandparents, she gave me this bathing suit top to replace the one I was wearing.

It was almost like the bathing suit top she gave me was made for me.

Because I had gotten a new one, I didn’t have to keep this one anymore. I felt like I have outgrown it.