Day 181 of 192

This item is from Sunday.

I remember begging my parents to buy me this book. I loved Barbies, and I love reading. This was the perfect book for me. Unfortunately I never partake in any ballet or other dance lessons, but I’m so glad my parents bought this book for me. Although now I have outgrown this book, so I’m going to save it for my niece. I think she would love this book.

Day 145 of 192

This is Saturday’s item.

I used to be a huge Barbie fanatic. I would always ask for more dolls, more accessories, for my birthday, and Christmases. I also liked art and crafts, as well. But alas I no longer need these Barbie beads anymore. I’m going to give this to Grandma, and she is going to give these to her neighbour’s granddaughter. I’m glad that I have an opportunity to add joy in other people’s lives.