Be Happy

I wish I had painted this on a rock, but I found it on Facebook.

I just love this quote. It reminds me to not be so ungrateful for all of my hardships and struggles, instead I should embrace what it is going to teach me instead. Most of the time, we forget that what we are going through, is to help make us stronger.

Another things is that we forget that our hardships remind us that we should focus on being happy, and all of the things that we are grateful for.

I feel like whenever bad things happen to us, we often ask the universe, “Why me?” but when good things happen to us, we never ask the universe, “Why me?”.

So next time, things aren’t going your way, think positively, and think about all of the things you are grateful for.

Good Life – G-Eazy ft. Kehlani

Hey, it’s another edition of Music Mondays. What I love about this song is that it talks about how that even though you may not have everything you have always wanted, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a good life. It’s all about rising up above it, and going after the things you want in life. It encourages us to leave the bad things in our past, and not let the bad times bring us down. Instead we should focus on the good things in our life.

“We put the good in the good in the good life (The good life)
We put the good in the good in the good life (I said the good life)
We put the bad in the past, now we alright (We alright)”

-G-Eazy ft. Kehlani, Good Life

*Trigger Warning* Mentions drinking alcohol in the song

Your Choice

Another Friday means it’s another Eckhart Tolle Friday.

“Whatever the present present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.”

-Eckhart Tolle

Some times, life throws an obstacle, or maybe more obstacles your way. But the thing you have to look at it, is that not everything that is happening to you is going to bad. When things are bad, they often are overlooked, and actually turn into something good. Take your bad days and experiences and think of it as a flower about to be planted. And that all of your dark times, are actually from the soil pouring over you, because you are about to be planted, waiting to blossom into something beautiful.

So, whatever is happening to you, you have to accept it as if it something you would have wanted for yourself. Never allow a bad experience spoil your day. Please know that things will get better and easier over time. A piece of art takes time to unfold into a masterpiece.

Don’t let yourself dwell in sadness and allow yourself to get frustrated with whatever situation you are in. When things get tough, remind yourself to accept this as something you would have wanted to happen. Honestly, you can’t have a rainbow without a storm. So use this lesson to remind yourself that things will get better.

Macklemore – Vipassana

Hey everyone! Welcome to this edition of Music Mondays!

One of my favourite singers is Macklemore. He has written a lot of powerful and meaningful songs, than just all of the fun songs like Thrift Shop which was a huge hit back in 2012. In his other songs, he talks about his recovery and how he stopped using drugs, and he shared with us his relapses and how he stopped using again. He also talked about how he supports LBGT Rights in a song called Same Love. He was also featured in one of Barack Obama’s weekly addresses back in May of 2016, talking about the dangers of being addicted to opioids and painkillers to help others know there is always help and for them to know they are not alone.

This week I picked Vipassana* to be the song of the week, because it really is a meaningful song. Vipassana is a Buddhist mediation that translates into insight, or special seeing. It is a form of mediation that concretes on the connection between your mind and body. It also allows you to be mindful of your inner self.

* Explicit language, since he does swear a few times.

“I don’t control life, but I can control how I react to it.”

-Macklemore ft Ryan Lewis, Vipassana

What I love about this song lyric, is the reminder that to truly be happy, you should focus on how you are reacting to whatever life is throwing at you. Life can throw you through several hoops, but know that things get better. You realize that you can’t always control everything in your life, but you can control how you are going to react to it. It is about accepting that yes, we are all going to have bad days, but just because we have our bad days, it doesn’t mean that we should let them bring us down. There isn’t much of a point to get upset over something you can’t control. Learn and appreciate the bad days.

Embrace the Uncertainty

“Trust the wait.
Embrace the uncertainty.
Enjoy the beauty of becoming
When nothing is certain, anything is possible.”

-Mandy Hale

I recently found this quote, and it is perfect for what I am feeling right now. I had a bad day today, so I am trying to bounce back. It has been a challenging day, but I am trying to work through this.

I feel honoured to have found this tonight. It is helping stay positive, and remain hopeful of the unknown. It reminds me to be strong, brave and fearless. Good things are on the way.

Thankful Tuesday

I believe the key to life is practice gratitude and being grateful for everything that comes to you — the good and the bad.

You need to have a balance of good and bad days. If you keep on having a great day after another, after another, well you would start to take that for granted. Bad days allows you to appreciate the good days. Good days always follow the bad days, so never lose hope. And if you didn’t have any bad days, how would you appreciate the good days? Like they say you can’t have a rainbow without a storm.

Bad and painful experiences give you the strength to grow, and good days allow you to be grateful when things are good. It gives you a sense of happiness. But regardless, it’s important to express gratitude everyday. Every experience helps shape you in to the person you are today.

Being grateful, and I mean truly grateful, has several benefits, it allows you to be appreciative of the good, it helps you be happier and be a better person. Gratitude allows you to be empathetic to others. When you have empathy, it helps build better relationships. There are studies that show practicing gratitude will help you improve your sleep. With all of these existing benefits, why would you rather be anything but grateful?

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s be thankful.