Day 21 of 192

This post is for Sunday’s item. I have been going through arts and crafts supplies, where I found that I had a duplicate of a pencil sharpener, so I placed it with my other office supplies that I no longer, that way I can donate it together. I know in the past years, many office supplies have Back-to-school charity drive. It’s where you can donate your pens, pencils and other supplies to the less unfortunate.

If there isn’t one happening this year because of the coronavirus, then I would just give it someone I know.

Creating Something Special

I absolutely love making crafts for people. I find it very therapeutic. This year I made myself a giraffe pillow, quote pages and other special things.

Giving people crafts is the best thing in the world. My gifts come from the heart and they show you how much I care about you.

Seeing someone smile is the best thing but knowing that you were the reason is even better. 🙂

Even though I learned that you can’t make everyone happy but you can help them realize how much they mean to you.