Day 90 of 192

This is Sunday’s item.

When I was younger I always liked my hair tied back, and in clips. But most days now, it’s just down.

I have no idea why I still have hair clips that I haven’t worn in about 20 years. I’m so happy that I don’t have to carry these things with me anymore.

Digital Decluttering: I uninstalled seven apps that I no longer use.

Day 29 of 192

Hi everyone! Welcome to a new day! That means I am living with one less item in my life and I couldn’t be happier.

Today’s item that I am removing my life is my app for work. Since I don’t work there, it no longer serves me anymore.

To me, clutter isn’t just physical clutter, it can be digital clutter, ranging from anything such as too many photos, emails, apps, and contacts in your phone that you no longer connect with. If you don’t get your digital clutter under control it can become overwhelming as well.

And I can’t wait to sort through all of this clutter. It really is going to be a joyous feeling. My goal is only to have the items that brings me joy, and use daily.