Forever Frosty Latte

It’s another Tuesday, which means it’s time for another edition of Tea Tuesdays!

Forever Frosty tea is a festive take on Forever Nuts, which is a crunchy almond herbal tea, with slices of apples. But what makes it festive is the added orange slices, marshmallows, and sugar dusted almonds. Yum!

If you look closely at the photo, you can see the orange slices, the marshmallows, and almond pieces.

The tea is steeping and waiting to be made into a latte! Which is the best way to start the day. As you can see it’s a bright hot pink.

As you can see when milk is added, the tea changes to a lighter pink, that is because of the earthy beetroot that is in the tea.

Here’s more of my mug. It is really beautiful.

This is a mug that my Mom gave me a few years back. Someone had gifted to her for Christmas, but she’s more of a coffee drinker. She thought I would enjoy it, because the mug came with a metal infuser. I’m really glad she gave it to me, because it is quite the festive mug.

Sweetie Pie Tea

Right now, I am enjoying this cup of tea. It is a sweet tea, where coconut meets almond. It is amazing, it doesn’t have any caffeine, so it’s the perfect tea for relaxing.

I just realized that after I had finished my tea, that I have a glare from my TV.

Forever Nuts – Tea Tuesdays

Hi everyone, it’s another Tuesday, so that means it’s Tea Tuesday! I love drinking and talking about tea so much.

Today’s edition is a Forever Nuts as an iced latte. It’s another hot day.

Forever Nuts is like a decadent nutty apple pie. It has a taste of cinnamon, with sliced apples, and almonds. It is a caffeine free treat, leaving your sweet tooth satisfied. As you can see, it changes colours, because of the beetroot added in the tea. It is so magical. It’s one of my favourite teas, ever