Day 15

We need to learn to let go of things that no longer serves us. This can be anything from physical objects, to digital clutter, to our feelings. We let go of the negative things and emotions, we now have more room for the things that bring us joy. We can feel happiness, we can truly appreciate the remaining processions. Instead of not being able to see them throughout the clutter.

If we continue to hold on to negative things, and feelings, then we are just going to continue to attract more negativity in our lives. And that is the last thing we want in our lives.

Today, I will learn when enough has become enough. I will release anything that has any negative vibes in my life. This way I am able to attract good and better things in my life. This also allows me to see things more clearly.

Day 14

I try my best to write every day about my lessons that I either have learned throughout my day or throughout my life. But yesterday I was quite busy. So here I am!

Yesterday, I was babysitting my niece, and it got me thinking that it is healthy for us, as adults to take naps throughout the day. It is actually healthy to take a break from things, and to refresh throughout the day.

If you feel like you don’t have a lot of time to take a nap, learn to appreciate the power of a twenty minute nap. There are a lot of healthy benefits to taking naps. We can learn a lot of observing the lives of babies and children. We shouldn’t overcomplicate life, instead we should focus on simplicity of life.

Today, I will learn to simplify my life. I will also learn to take a rest, instead of quitting when I am tired.

Day 13

I have always found that it is best, to get organized for the next day, instead of having to worry about it in the morning. When I was a kid, I liked to get up early for school, so I can read a book after eating breakfast. The night before I packed all of my notebooks, and text books in my backpack for school the next day. I also liked to plan my outfit for tomorrow. I like having peaceful mornings, because I found by doing these extra steps I am able to start the day off right.

Today, before going to bed, I will do something that will save me time in the morning, that way I can be more organized starting out my day.

Day 12

Hey, sorry everyone. I had a busy day yesterday. I was helping my mom out with her packing for her move. And before I helped I had made chicken noodle soup and took a shower before seeing her.

I feel like her and I were able to get a lot done. I was trying to teach her how it was important to pack like items into a box, instead of what fits. I feel from experience, that packing like items in the same boxes makes things a lot easier when you are trying to unpack.

Today, I will try my best to organize things as I go. I will try to keep like items together in my house. I will try to find a “home” for every item, as well. Whenever I am finish with that item, I will be sure to put it back where I got it from.

Day 11

Every day, I am writing about a positive affirmation, and I am also going to discuss life lessons that I have learned that day, or have learned throughout my life. Even though I am in my mid-twenties, I still feel like I have a lot of wisdom to offer to others.

I was inspired by these blog posts by reading The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie. In that book she has daily readings throughout that book. She got a lot of her ideas from her other books about codependency. She is a really a good author. I started reading her books because someone dear to me who was an alcoholic. I found comfort in her books.

Today’s lesson is about eliminating one less expense from your monthly expenses. Whether it is you cut back on one less coffee throughout the month, or you eliminate a night of take out. You can look at your subscriptions, and think of cancelling one of them. You can decide how big or how small you want to cut back on expenses. It can really help you with your monthly budget. Perhaps one of your goals this year is to save money, this can be a really good starting point.

Today, I will be more aware of my monthly expenses. I will focus on ways of how I can more responsible with my money, and ways where I can save up more money.

Day Ten

I will understand the importance of making a to-do list for the day, or for tomorrow. I will make sure that I keep it to a list of a maximum of four things. That way it is an easier to accomplish your list. And when you schedule yourself to do too much, you often feel overwhelmed, and thus, setting yourself up for failure, or for procrastination. Normally, whenever you see a long, daunting list of errands, and chores, you don’t really feel motivated to get things done, but when you see only three items, you feel more motivated to actually want to accomplish those chores.

For instance, on my to-do list for tomorrow, I have this planned for my day…

  1. Go grocery shopping
  2. Clean the bathroom
  3. Cook dinner

These tasks shouldn’t take up too much of my time, probably no more than two hours. And the bonus part is that I’ll be able to get my walk in to the store. Getting my exercise in is important. I’m starting to exercise more which has been fun.

Today, I will learn to make to-do lists with no more than three items. This will ensure that I prioritize my most important tasks. By only having three things each day, I am able to focus on things that actually matter, and that they will get done.

Day Seven

This is from Thursday (yesterday).

Never be afraid to ask for help, and never be afraid to give help to others. My Mama had asked me if I could help her pack for her move. I was happy to help. I made some beef soup for dinner, and I made it in my crock pot. I knew that when she dropped me off back at home that the soup would be finished. I was able to give her some soup. My mama enjoyed the soup.

I love helping people. I have helped out a lot of my family throughout the week, I baby say my niece the other day, so my sister can pick up a shift at work. And then I started helping mom with her packing. It was fun to spend some time with her, since we haven’t since the whole pandemic.

I sometimes feel bad asking others for help, because I know how busy my family is, and some family members I talk to, live far away. So, I mostly just ask for advice, or we just talk. But that’s okay. If I need any help, I normally just ask my boyfriend.

Today, I will not be afraid to ask for help, nor will I be afraid to give help to others. It is a freeing and powerful feeling to be able to help others.

Day Six

This is from Wednesday.

For all of my new followers, every day I post about important life lessons, with affirmations to help you live the best live. These lessons can be learned from the day, or throughout my life. I really hope this inspires you to make better choices, and appreciate what you have in your life.

Although right now, I am a bit behind.

My boyfriend had the day off, so him and I spent the day relaxing and just being together. It was a nice break. To love and to be loved is amazing feeling, so we shouldn’t either feelings for granted. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t found your person yet, you will. In the meantime, you can still send love to your family and friends. Always tell your friends and family that you love them, no matter what. We aren’t always gifted a tomorrow, so never go a day without telling them.

My boyfriend and I spent the day watching our shows, and had dinner together, even though we do that all the time, Wednesday just felt extra special.

Today, I will express and accept love from my family and friends.

Day Five

Hey everyone! I hope you are doing well. Last night my sister was asked to work a shift for tomorrow. So she had messaged me if I can watch my niece, and I didn’t mind. I was able to spend the day with her, which I love! She is 21.5 months, so it is such a fun age since she is learning a lot, and loves to laugh.

It was a bit last minute, which is okay, although I wished I had a bit more time to do the things that I was planning on doing tomorrow. Although I should have used my time a bit more wisely on Monday. As part of my resolutions, one of them was to do what ought to be done. If it takes one minute to complete, you must complete that task without putting it off.

I was happy that I was able to spend some time with my niece, but I just wished I was able to get the things done. I knew I would be at her house for a little while, so I wouldn’t have a lot of time to myself in the evening.

Today, I will spend my time wisely to ensure that I am able to get my get things done. I will learn to not procrastinate my errands. If you do it now, you won’t need to stress out about the deadline. And who knows what tomorrow may bring.

Day One

I became inspired with this idea because I bought The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie six years ago, just before I started my blog. I started rereading it again. I figured it has been a few years since I have read it. I bought when I went to this meditation workshop, and the teacher ended her class with the daily reading of this book. I loved how much this book has helped me. At the time I bought this book, my best friend was an alcoholic, so I read this book a lot.

One of my favourite new beginning quote is this;

“Day One, or one day, you get to decide.”

What I love about it is how simple and profound it is. It is reminding us that today we given a clean slate, if we want to take to. We can either let this opportunity pass us by, or we can do something about it.

Our lives will pass us by, whether or not, we have truly lived, so we may as live the best lives that we can. Let’s use these days to decide what kind of life you want to live this year. Our lives can either be filled with adventures or missed opportunities.

Know that you are capable of doing something truly amazing. Write out your goals, and begin breaking them into small and manageable goals that you can accomplish in a week, or a month. You will understand the power of turning a big goal, into five small goals. You would also be surprised of how easier things become when you work like that. Once you accomplish your small goals, remember to celebrate your victory. Reward yourself with some ice cream, your favourite show, a girls out, or a girls evening via Zoom or Skype, depending on your city’s restrictions. Every now and again, it doesn’t hurt to treat yourself, so if you do it in moderation, and don’t make it a big celebration, it will be a good thing. You don’t want to spend too much money on the award.

If you spend the next couple of days deciding how you want your 2021 to be, and what you wish to change and accomplish, you are getting closer to what you want to be.

Here’s an example of how a big goal can be broken into smaller goals. Perhaps your goal is to go to school. You can start your research of which program you want to get into, then decide on the school you would want to study. You would also want to see the requirements of what you need to get into the program. Your next goal will be to look at application forms, and find out their due dates, and when to submit them by. Another thing on your check list can be buying yourself school supplies, do practice questions online, and reading books on the subjects.

Or perhaps you want to have less stuff, you can either purge your belongings in a weekend, or spend a bit of time working on it each day, perhaps 15 or 20 minutes. And really spend the time going through your things.

You can use this as an opportunity to make improvements on your life. The possibilities are endless. We are capable of so much more than you think we are.

Today, I will use my time to truly decide what I would like to accomplish this year. And I now know that I am more capable than I realize, and give myself credit for.