Goodreads Mondays #9 – December 14th, 2020

This is a post about us discussing one of the books in our To Be Read List and talking about why we would like to read it. I would love to know what is on your To Be Read List.

One of the books that I have on my To Be Read List is Confessions on the 7:45 by Lisa Unger. It is a thriller, which are my favourite genre to read.

I can’t wait to read it one day, I have heard a lot of good things about this book.

It’s about how these two strangers, Selena and Martha end up having a conversation on the train because they are sitting next to each other. Martha talks about how she believes that her husband is having an affair. Which makes Selena confess to Martha that her husband is sleeping with the nanny. Eventually the train stops at their destinations. They assume that they wouldn’t see each other again.

But days later, Selena’s nanny goes missing, and she now becomes a part of the disappearance of her nanny. This results in her marriage problems arising. So, who exactly is this Martha person?

Goodreads Rating: 3.95 stars out of 5