Day 158 of 193

I found this stashed away in my container of random things that used to be in my old room when I used to live at my mom’s. When I was already staying at my boyfriend’s. Sometimes it was challenging to go to my mom’s house, because of our different schedules, and whatnot. My mom had offered my old room, so my sister’s boyfriend drove me over to pack up my things in a container, to get sorted out later. It was a last minute thing. I am finally going through my belongings. It feels great to not have my things at someone else’s house.

I came across this old make up brush that used to be my sister’s, and she used to live at my mom’s three years ago. So it’s safe to say it’s old, and she doesn’t even remember having this. I’m just going throw it away, since I already have my own make up brushes for special occasions.

Day 157 of 193

My Grandma knows I like butterflies. I like them because they remind that sometimes in order to make your transformation into to something beautiful, you have to go through a series of darkness. My Grandma gave me a mat for the shower that is supposed to prevent slips and falls. I don’t need to worry about that right now. I don’t know, but I have always found it to be a hassle moving around when cleaning the tub. That’s just me, though.

My cousin also likes butterflies, so I am going to offer this to her, and if she doesn’t like, I’m going to give it to my mom.

Day 156 of 193

This is Wednesday’s item.

This is an old day planner from 2015. I came across it in one of my containers that I had stored at my sister’s house. I looked through to it to read about it. I liked that it had these stickers for birthdays, and appointments, so I kept that in case I bought myself a calendar, or if I get one for Christmas.

It was fun reading it, because at the time I first started dating my boyfriend, so it was a nice reminder of looking back at the past.

But other than that it didn’t really have much of a purpose anymore. This was where I decided to name my tag after. When I was first made my blog five years ago, this was next to me.

Day 155 of 193

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

Over the years I have had a large collection of sweaters. Like an obsessive amount of sweaters, courtesy of my Grandma for always giving me more sweaters. It feels really good to help others by giving away a lot of these sweaters that no longer fit me, since I have grown. It’s better to donate items instead of tucking them away in a container.

It feels really good to let go, and finally have a reasonable amount of sweaters.

I have learned to let go of things. It is liberating to know that thing aren’t going to weigh me down. There are several studies that show a correlation with being stressed and depressed from owning too many things.

In the season of giving, how about we rename it the Season of Giving Back? We should learn ways we can help others. Big or small gestures really go a long way to brighten someone’s day.

Day 154 of 193

Today marks week number 22 of me getting rid of my things. I am happy with my progress. Mostly because I know that the things I have passed on to give to my Grandma, is going to be helping so many people. My Grandma is friends with all of her neighbours. I am so happy that I am able to help others.

I remember her telling me that she gave away some of my sweaters to a girl who’s husband had passed away earlier this year, and she doesn’t have many friends. I’m glad that she was able to benefit from things I have outgrown.

I know that many of my American followers are getting to celebrate Thanksgiving later this week. I know it must be challenging with the pandemic happening, but even if you spent some time donating some items to other people. You would feel a lot of joy knowing that you brighten someone else’s day. It can be a new way to spread holiday cheer, in case you have to break some traditions because of the pandemic.

Today’s item that I am planning on donating is this grey sweater. It used to be one of my favourite sweaters before I outgrow it. But a few years ago, my friend gave me of his sweaters which is really identical to this one, which is now my favourite sweater.

Day 153 of 193

This is Sunday’s item.

This one was an easy item for me to part with. It’s super old, and expired as I have bought a few years back, and that it has been stashed away in a container.

Some things are really easy to throw away than others. But throwing away many items like this is, builds strength and confidence to learn to be comfortable with having less. Living with less, means less stress, and a clearer mind. It feels really amazing to let go of things, even if it’s just lip balm.

Day 152 of 193

This is Saturday’s item.

I really liked this black sweater, it kept me really warm, although unfortunately, I grew out of it. It is too short in the sleeves area, and it is also too short, because it doesn’t reach the top of pants.

I gave this to my Grandma, and she told me that she was going to give it to her neighbour’s granddaughter. I am so happy and thankful that I am able to help others.

Day 151 of 193

Hey everyone, happy Friday! I hope everyone has an amazing day.

Today’s item that I have to part with is this old lip balm that I found. I recall buying this about five years, and stuffed it away in a container. I finally found it. This was an easy item to depart with, since it is expired, and I haven’t seen it for a few years now, so it won’t be missed.

Day 150 of 193

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday.

I am beyond excited of today’s milestone. I have removed 150 items in 150 days. I have been feeling a bit lighter. This has been a liberating experience to say the least. It has been encouraging and making feel like I can be comfortable with living with less. This project has showed me that there is more to life than collecting and holding onto items that do not add much value to my life anymore. I have reached the point in my life that I only want to keep things that add happiness. I don’t want to hold on to clothes that I keep on telling myself, I’m going to wear, one day, as I grab one of my favourite shirts that I wear once a week. I am comfortable to detach myself from these clothes, knowing that someone else is going to benefit from it.

Today’s item, is an old hand sanitizer holder. The purpose of it is that you tie it around your purse, instead of having to dig through your purse with sticky, and or dirty hands. I really liked the contrast in colours. But unfortunately the place where I buy my hand sanitizers from, changed the size of the sanitizer bottles, so their sanitizers no longer fit in this holder anymore. So it makes no sense for me to hold onto this.

I don’t know anyone who still has the older designs, so I just threw it away.

Day 149 of 193

I have a lot of lip balms I no longer use, mostly because of how old these are. When you are starting your decluttering mission, it is best to start with items that you won’t miss, like expired make up, medication, etc.

Then once you have gained the strength and confidence, you can start tackling items that hold a bit more value to you, like clothes.

Whenever you start a big, new task, it’s always best to start small, and to always celebrate your accomplishments along the way.