Day 62

This lesson is from Wednesday.

I have learnt this some time ago. I have learned that is important and sometimes it is better to take things one day at a time. I often have found that whenever I get excited for something, it often doesn’t go the way I picture it in my mind. Having expectations often leads to disappointments. I like to take things one thing at a time. I try my best to not have any expectations, because then I wouldn’t be faced with any disappointments.

At first it was hard to take things as they were coming my way. Because I have outgrown those habits, I have recognized that I am able to take things one day at a time. It has helped me get by the things I didn’t think I could have gotten through. But here I am, still standing.

Today, I will let go of the need of having expectations, because they often turn into disappointments. How many times have you unintentionally hurt yourself by getting your hopes so? Instead of having any expectations of how things MAY turn out, why don’t we just take life one thing at a time, and learn to go with the flow.

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