Day 61

This is a lesson from Tuesday.

My cousin has been going through a tough time starting a new job. So I was giving her a pep talk about it, and trying my best to give her a confidence boost. I try to do my best to lift people up every day. I hate when I see people who are sad, or doubting themselves. I thought it was helping her believe in herself. I am more than happy to be the person that helps guides people to be their best self.

She was feeling overwhelmed since it was something that she hasn’t done before. I can totally understand and relate to since I have tried various of jobs throughout the past ten years or so. I feel proud of myself and for what I have accomplished throughout my jobs. I am happy and grateful to help others feel better about themselves, too.

Today, I will try my best to encourage someone to get over their doubts that they are currently experiencing. Help them see their potential and their worth. Help remind someone that they can do anything they want to do.

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