Advent Calendar of Kindness 2020 Day 5

I hope everyone is able to participate in at least one of these advent calendar missions. I thought it is better to spread some holiday cheer and love instead of having to buy someone something. Some people are lonely due to their city’s restrictions, so this may just make their holiday even more memorable than their gifts.

Today’s challenge is to give a friend, or a loved one, or anyone whom you interact with throughout the day your undivided attention. It seems like sometimes we may keep glancing at our phones whilst someone is talking to us. Mind you, I’m not saying you have to turn your phone off, completely, because some people might need their phones in case they need to be contacted, because there is an emergency. But when they’re talking to you, I’m sure they would appreciate you if you just listened, instead of watching a show, or playing a game, etc.

Or if you are checking out of a grocery store, have some courtesy by refraining from listening to your music, or talking to someone else on the phone, when they are asking you questions.

The world needs more love, and courtesy.

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