Day 150 of 192

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday.

I am beyond excited of today’s milestone. I have removed 150 items in 150 days. I have been feeling a bit lighter. This has been a liberating experience to say the least. It has been encouraging and making feel like I can be comfortable with living with less. This project has showed me that there is more to life than collecting and holding onto items that do not add much value to my life anymore. I have reached the point in my life that I only want to keep things that add happiness. I don’t want to hold on to clothes that I keep on telling myself, I’m going to wear, one day, as I grab one of my favourite shirts that I wear once a week. I am comfortable to detach myself from these clothes, knowing that someone else is going to benefit from it.

Today’s item, is an old hand sanitizer holder. The purpose of it is that you tie it around your purse, instead of having to dig through your purse with sticky, and or dirty hands. I really liked the contrast in colours. But unfortunately the place where I buy my hand sanitizers from, changed the size of the sanitizer bottles, so their sanitizers no longer fit in this holder anymore. So it makes no sense for me to hold onto this.

I don’t know anyone who still has the older designs, so I just threw it away.

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